Hamish is loved in his desert home

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 1 April 2012 | 5 Comments


Hi to everybody at Shenton Park! This is a late, but very big hi from Hamish!

We’ve had the pleasure of having Hamish for almost 6 months now, and what a journey it has been. Just to get it out there: We LOVE this guy, he is so much fun and has brought a lot of love in to our home, (and we still can’t get over how handsome he is!!!).


When we got Hame he came in the car with us and we went straight to City Farmers to get him a crate. I’m from Norway and it is unusual not to have a crate for your dog in the car, though I did learn that it’s not so common here. To everyone who might think of getting one, you should! It its such a great thing to have in the car, at home, travelling, etc. He was fine with it from the beginning (especially in the car) and we drove down to Dunsborough that first day. And here started the fun.

His tummy was not happy the first week or so that we had him, so every night I got up 2-3 times to let him out to go to the toilet. Which ended up in me not sleeping at night, but therefore doing the night shift and my partner getting up early and taking him for a long walk so I could sleep. It worked but it was a hard start! He also had none or few indoor manners so he could not be left alone inside if we were going somewhere, but there the crate came in handy.


We took him camping the first week, for one day/night. He had a great time walking for hours, never stopping. We met up with some friends halfway through the day, but here we had some trouble. Hame is a very talkative dog, and when these two guys came to where we were waiting he barked at them and was very nervous because of the big backpacks. After a while we calmed him down and he said hi and seemed fine, though later it went wrong. We started walking, ahead of our friends and suddenly he turned around really fast as if something scared him and started barking at the guys, and he did not stop. It ended with us walking behind them the rest of the day, and when we got to the camp he started all over again with all the people there so we had to turn around. 2km after we made our own camp and the night was great. He loved sleeping in the tent with us.

Anyway, the barking was a problem and I called Shenton Park and talked to Tracy and the other trainer who was there when we got Hame. They gave us some advice on how to work with Hame so that he would feel comfortable around our friend again. We did as they suggested and it worked, mostly. Our friend is a bit scared of dogs, so that made it a bit hard getting to the point that we wanted. It did teach us a bit about Hamish though. He can still start barking at people, it is usually big men, with dark hair... If the person he barks at gives him a hi and a pat he’ll be totally fine, but if they walk away he’ll be a bit nervous and may still bark a bit. Today we don’t have too much of this happening and have strategies to get his attention and make him stop. Thank you so much to the trainers who did get a few phone calls those two first weeks but kept on being happy to have a chat and give some advice.


The first period was very full-on, though good too. After long runs he always calmed down and wanted cuddles. He loves play and will keep on going all day if he’s allowed! We could not believe how he could have been with you for so long without being adopted.

Today we’re still working on his indoor manners, but its getting so much better and he had his first time home alone (inside) just the other day and it went great. We have a big backyard where he has a dog pool, a couch and heaps of space to run around when we’re at work. The pool is great since 40 degrees + is not uncommon here and he knows how to cool down in it. The rest of the day he is inside with us getting heaps of cuddles and love. Hame is happiest when you’re close, preferably when he’s sitting on you or lying in your lap. There are friends for him to play with, the next door dog is a Kelpie puppy who he loves playing with. They are such a couple.

Another friend here in Wiluna is Jack, the Husky, who also came from Shenton Park! Jack doesn't really get along with the other dogs in town, he thinks they are boring, but he loves Hame. It is so good to have a dog who goes well with (so far) all other dogs we have met. We live out bush, in a small town with desert all around, and it is all his backyard that he can play in. Everyday he has 2-3 walks, one being a long ride out bush and because of exercise and I guess food he has gained some kilos, both muscle and fat. In the school holidays we go down south for 2 weeks and go to the beach every day. Hame absolutely loves the beach. At first he did not totally get it but now he reads the waves, he jumps in, ducks his head under, swims out to you and chases the waves km after km.

One more thing that I want to mention is how smart Hame is. He knows how to open every single door in the house, including the glass sliding door (when it’s locked) to go out the back. He jumps up, flicks up the lock and pushes it open. Morning and night he sits and looks at you before his dinner, he knows over a dozen commands including “on your bed” and “in your crate” and we’re working on more. All good, though he is still a bit of a puppy and loves taking shoes and socks, pillows and more to get attention.

Thank you to everybody at Shenton Park for the great work you do for these dogs. Thank you for making it possible for us to find this beautiful, energetic, cuddle-bug of a dog who suits us so well!

Hamish, Tash & Monja =)

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  • Hamish looks like he is a STAR just
    like Red Dog :) He truly looks at home in the bush. Enjoy your lovely dog:)

    Posted by shan, 25/04/2012 8:22pm (6 years ago)

  • Hamish is our only dog, but Jack lives in town and they hang out a lot. :)

    Posted by Monja, 24/04/2012 2:02pm (6 years ago)

  • What a fantastic lifestyle Jack now has, a loving family and a great place to live. Thank you nice people!

    Posted by Leah, 22/04/2012 5:04pm (6 years ago)

  • makes my heart glad that he has a family now who loves him for who he is with all his energy. fabulous news!

    Posted by Nat, 02/04/2012 11:12pm (6 years ago)

  • A fantastic success story and I was so happy to hear about Jack, my favourite dog of all time at the refuge (just don't tell the others!!). I have been missing Jack greatly recently and its so good to hear that he is happy is his new home and loves his new friend Hamish.

    Posted by Mel Yarnall, 01/04/2012 1:28pm (6 years ago)

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