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Posted by Karen Rhodes on 6 July 2009 | 0 Comments

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There was a substantial increase in the number of dog tags to be found at the refuge during the American Independence Day weekend recently.

That's because a group of sailors from the USS George Washington visited the Home to donate their time and help with a long list of essential maintenance and repairs to our ageing facilities.

The sailors selflessly donated their valuable time on dry land and to make them feel a little more at home whilst they tirelessly worked we decked out the Home with red, white and blue streamers (well it was Independence Day!)

sailors with Stainsey

And the fabulous news is that we now have a freshly painted kitchen and clinic, and a big dent has been made on our rubbish pile of tree stumps (hopefully clearing this completely isn't too far away which means room for more runs for our dogs.)

Thanks to our sailors, our cemetery has never looked so well kept and dividers for the kennels (to keep our dogs dry) have been prepared and are now ready for installation.

Such wonderful support makes a huge difference to our Home and we are very grateful to all the sailors who volunteered their time. Our heroes even decided we needed better tools to increase our efficiency to they took a trip to Bunnings and bought us a new chain-saw, shovel and wiper-snipper - which means we're now prepared for our next busy bee, so all able volunteers watch this space! :-)

We took photos on each day and of course our gorgeous Stainsey wasn't going to be left out. Anyone who knows Stains will understand that when the smell of the BBQ reached his office he was immediately out on duty to check the quality control (of course, he did need to sample one or two sausages just to check they were acceptable). On the other hand Cruiser just relaxed and enjoyed the attention.

sailors with Stainsey

Thank you to our fantastic overseas visitors, and of course to all of our volunteers who continue to make a huge difference to the lives of our inmates.

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