Hitting the streets to set tails shaking

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 28 September 2010 | 2 Comments

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Dog lovers are urged to hit the streets and shake their tins on Friday, 15 October in one of the Dogs’ Refuge Home’s biggest annual fundraisers. Numbers for tin shakers are down on previous years so far and we are keen to top last year’s effort of $12,000.

Laura and Lucky kick off the shaking

Shaking a tin to raise money for the Dogs’ Refuge Home is a great way to get involved with your local dog community and connect with dog lovers in your neighbourhood.

The annual street appeal is a fun way to raise awareness of the Refuge and the work we do, and to raise some money to provide for our dogs who are waiting to find their new homes.

Even if you can’t get out on the streets to shake your tin, you can still help out by having a morning tea or a free dress day at work or even taking your tin to local sporting events. We’ll also have a poster available to promote the event that you can print from our website and display in your local area.

We need as many people a possible out there shaking our tins to help get our dogs’ tails shaking all the more. And, you can celebrate your efforts that night at the Cops and Slobbers party at Fremantle Prison. A poster is availabe for you to download and put up around your local area to promote the street appeal.

Anyone interested in lending a hand and shaking a tin, please contact the Jess Loo via email to register.

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  • Hi Jenny
    We have one day a year where we take to the streets to shake our tins. If you would like to be advised next year, send our email address to volliesdrh@gmail.com and you can be added to our contact list.

    Posted by Nerilie Watson, 23/10/2010 5:08pm (8 years ago)

  • I would like to know more about shaking a tin to help raise money for the shelter!

    Posted by Jenny Connor, 22/10/2010 6:24pm (8 years ago)

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