Isaac celebrates his 3rd birthday

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 17 November 2012 | 3 Comments


Isaac has been with us for 12 months now, and just celebrated his 3rd birthday.


We went to dog's breakfast on Sunday Bit of a washout, but Isaac, as usual enjoyed lots of attention.  We can't believe what a great dog he is.  He now weighs over 50kilos but so far we haven,t discovered any vices, apart from being almost too friendly. He and the two cats get on really well,and one, Saytan follows him around all the time, and they groom each other, and sleep together.  

He has discovered play, an gets quite silly when my son comes home, and also runs with other dogs, but isn't interested in toys.   We just received a letter about the dog house promotion, and will definitely be making a donation.  

Regards Mary Ann



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  • A too friendly dog? Sounds perfect to me. Love the cat/dog relationship!

    Posted by Linda Mort, 26/11/2012 12:50am (6 years ago)

  • What a handsome looking boy Isaac is!
    Thanks for giving him such a loving home.

    Posted by Jane, 20/11/2012 4:54pm (6 years ago)

  • they look so cosy on that bed, so lovely to see.

    Posted by dot weary (volunteer), 17/11/2012 11:27am (6 years ago)

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