Jack and Chloe help to start the day smiling

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 1 November 2014 | 5 Comments


I decided to send this email to you all to let you know how Jack and Chloe are doing.

adoption success

They have both settled in so well. Chloe is such a cruiser. Nothing much seems to faze her except the vacuum cleaner and having a bath. She loves meeting new people that come to our house. She also loves sleeping on her 'throne' in the sun ambushing Jack in the sand dunes and swimming. She is super cute and quirky she makes me laugh every day.

Jack loved his new home from the moment he arrived. He is gaining confidence everyday. But he still feeling anxious when new people visit us at home. He has really bonded with me. Where Chloe is happy to be everyone's best friend, Jack likes my company best, so sweet. It took a while for Jack to get use to my husband James. When James first came back from a month at work Jack found it hard to accept that there was another man in my life. But now they are both good mates. Jack loves to chase his ball and pounce on it in the sand. He also loves meeting other dogs on the beach and he loves his beanbag bed.

They are both such beautiful well mannered and funny dogs. They make me start everyday smiling.

adoption success



adoption success


Kate Devenny

adoption success


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  • So lovely to see such happy dogs together in their new home! What a wonderful life Chloe and Jack are now enjoying!
    I'm sure they're going to love Christmas with their new family! Shan : )

    Posted by Shan, 13/11/2014 4:33pm (4 years ago)

  • What a beautiful new life you have given them!!!

    Posted by Jackie, 01/11/2014 1:32pm (4 years ago)

  • Thank you sooooo much for giving Jack and Chloe their forever home. I love these guys sooo much xoxo

    Posted by Lindsay Thorns, 01/11/2014 1:12pm (4 years ago)

  • Kate what a beautiful story,it looks like a win win for everyone. Shenton Park has amazing dogs that deserve wonderful homes and its lovely people like you that make it all happen.

    Posted by Andrea, 01/11/2014 1:11pm (4 years ago)

  • I have seen these dogs from the start of their journey and been with them throughout the long road to happy.. THANK YOU to all the lovely people out at Shenton Dogs Home. On a week when I want to give up, this has helped me to keep going. Love you Jack and Flowey/ Chloe.. I told you you were worth it 💕xoxo

    Posted by Lindsay Thorns, 01/11/2014 1:09pm (4 years ago)

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