Jack has the energy of a puppy

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 22 October 2012 | 4 Comments


Jack has been great and he’s loving the life up here. He is a completely different dog from when I first picked him up.


For the first two or three weeks he was very wary of me, we went for a few walks and he would wander off and go exploring as we would walk with no lead. I would try and get him to cuddle with me on the couch but he would jump off after a few minutes. Now he follows me like a shadow, we go for a bushwalk every day and he never leaves my side. He has a knack for finding water as well, the only times he ever disappears is if there is a water hole nearby after rain and he comes bounding back soaking wet. I have a pool set up out the back for him when it’s really hot and he lays in it for most of the day.

My next door neighbours are teachers here and they have Hamish who was at the same refuge. Jack gets on ok with other dogs but tends to ignore them. Hamish on the other hand is his best friend and whenever I’m at work I drop Jack off and they spend the day playing. He really loves driving in the car as well, I was surprised at how well he behaved when I drove him up to Wiluna which is a 10 hour drive. We go for a drive once or twice a week for 10 or so minutes just so he can sit in the passenger seat with his head out the window and tongue hanging out.


For a dog his age he has endless energy. I have tried many times to out last him playing fetch but I still can’t win. I took him to a lake one day and spent an hour throwing a stick out into the water as far as I could and he would swim out and bring it back. We only stopped as my arm was getting to sore. We go swimming together all the time in summer and he chases me around in the water, he can nearly swim faster then me.

He has his bed set up next to mine inside the house and I have never had a problem with him being inside. Whenever I’m sleeping in and he’s busting for the toilet he jumps up on the bed and wines until I wake up and let him out. He has been great and I can understand how much love you have for him. I don’t know what I would do without him now.

Thanks for taking such good care of him while he was with you.


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  • My favourite refuge boy in the entire world!! So glad he is so happy with his new owner, this made my heart smile seeing my boy so happy :)

    Posted by Melanie Yarnall, 25/10/2012 6:07pm (6 years ago)

  • great to hear Jack is so happy and much loved in his new home, and glad he's got one of my fav boys Hamish as a friend there too!

    Posted by Nat Spooner, 23/10/2012 11:55am (6 years ago)

  • I really enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for putting the time and effort in to this lovely old boy, you have really given him a new lease on life, and the luxury of being an inside part of your family.

    Posted by Adele, 22/10/2012 10:16pm (6 years ago)

  • I do not know Jack but I do love wonderful successful homings. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Ali, 22/10/2012 12:31pm (6 years ago)

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