Jensen makes new friends

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 12 March 2010 | 3 Comments


We adopted Jensen (aka Sawyer) in January after he’d been with you for nearly a year.  We can’t understand why no one adopted him sooner because he’s the most perfect dog. Lucky for us he waited till we were ready to have a new dog join our family after losing our much loved border collie crosses (14yo and 17yo) over the last few years. We’d forgotten what a pleasure having a dog in the house is. Anyhow, about Jensen...

Having a cuddle

We go to the park down the road every morning for a run round with all his mates – some days it’s a bit like play school with so many of them!  Jensen is friends with everyone – big ones, small ones, boys and girls.  He literally smiles when he sees them all.  We also go for a good long walk then he’s happy to sit under my desk while I work, or crash out in his basket in the airconditioning!

He goes to the beach with my partner every week.  They also make regular trips to Farmer Jacks for treats and just to have a boys day out and a ride in the car.  He’s great to take out because he almost always comes when he’s called and doesn’t try to run off.  He’s very well mannered when we visit friends so he’s welcome to come along when we go out which it great.

He had a few fears at first, mainly kitchen noises and cooking smells, but his curiosity and our encouragement has helped him over those a lot now.  Although he often prefers to be outside while we’re cooking.


He literally  howls with delight when either of us comes home and runs up and down the driveway ushering us into the house.  It makes us feel really loved and welcomed home.

Thanks Desma and everyone at Shenton Park for teaching him to be such a wonderful companion.  He’s a real delight and has become an important part of our lives.


Helen Sitlington

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  • What a wonderful story. I am so happy for him. He's one lucky dog.

    Posted by Gaye Coombes, 20/03/2010 2:38pm (8 years ago)

  • Love you Jensen (Sawyer)
    Em from the Ref x

    Posted by Emma, 20/03/2010 12:17pm (8 years ago)

  • Another beautiful boy gets adopted and given a second chance by a loving and caring family.
    I am so happy for you Jensen.

    Posted by Leah McConkey, 14/03/2010 10:08pm (8 years ago)

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