Jerry is one happy dog

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 10 March 2015 | 3 Comments


I first adopted Jerry in January 2014, and the two of us hit it off straight away. An exuberant Kelpie x, Jerry has an abundance of energy and regularly practices his high jump technique. He is also quite an accomplished tap dancer!

Jerry Adoption Success

Since adopting Jerry I have moved house, specifically looking for somewhere with some lawn for my four legged friend. Finding a smaller place with lawn took some doing, but I found the perfect place and Jerry is really happy with his new abode, complete with doggy door.

A loyal companion, Jerry will usually be lying at my feet wherever I am in the house. He loves his regular walks down to the river, and has become quite an enthusiastic water dog in the process. He also has a love of roast chicken, although his manners around the kitchen are still a work in progress!

Anyway, just thought I would update you on Jerry's progress, and let you know he is doing very well. Thank you for helping us to meet!

Jerry Adoption Success
Jerry Adoption Success


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  • Thanks for adopting Jerry and showing him what love really means.

    Posted by Jackie, 09/05/2015 1:42pm (3 years ago)

  • While it is great that Jerry has found a perfect home, it is even more wonderful that you have his real happiness at heart. Thank you for loving him this much.

    Posted by Linda Mort, 31/03/2015 10:13pm (3 years ago)

  • Great story,yes it's rare to find a place that has lawn and I'm glad you found one for your beautiful dog Jerry.looks like he has hit the jackpot.

    Posted by Dot , 12/03/2015 1:04pm (4 years ago)

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