Jessie is a loving big sister

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 19 December 2012 | 3 Comments


We adopted Jessie from the Dogs' Refuge in July 2005.


We suspect she had been abused and was quiet (never barked) and afraid of tall men.

We have taught her to sit, roll over, beg, jump, shake hands, gives us a kiss, stay and to wait for permission before eating. And, she barks. She also talks in "pant."

She experienced her first walk on the beach with us. It was hilarious! She had no idea was that funny "sand" was all about, and the waves freaked her out. Now she loves big beach runs and swimming.

Our daughter was born 9 months after we adopted Jessie. She was a boof in the early days, and we obviously had to teach her about babies and being gentle, but now our daughter is 6, she follows her around, listens to her and lets her read her stories all the time, and is 'boofed' by her.

We were worried in July 2011, when she had a lump removed from her lip, but it was nothing to worry about and she turned 8 in November, 2012.

Last Christmas she was so proud to unwrap her present (attached). She loves playing "rope" at home and rounds us and other dogs up when we go to the parks.

She is a great guard dog, a loyal friend and a beautiful family member. Thanks for putting us together, and best wishes for your work ahead!

With gratitude from the Taylors

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  • What a wonderful story! Thank you for being a perfect example of how well dogs and children can be taught to live together. Jessie is so lucky to have your family!

    Posted by Liz, 24/12/2012 12:18pm (6 years ago)

  • Another lovely story of how well the refuge dogs become an essential member of the family.

    Posted by Ali, 21/12/2012 8:51pm (6 years ago)

  • what a lovely story, it's so good to know that a dog found a wonderful home with you people

    Posted by dot weary (volunteer), 19/12/2012 11:25pm (6 years ago)

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