Julian finds his kind of place

Posted by Henrik Madsen on 11 June 2009 | 0 Comments


Hi! My name is Julian and I lived in the Shenton park dogs home for around 3 months. I waited in my kennel for a long time until a nice looking, nice smelling family came and picked me up. It was a bit of a hassle but as soon as I knew it I was in the car hanging my wet nose out the window!


When I got to my new home I was astounded. Big trees and lots of bushes were just my kind of place! I had a bit of a sniff around and then I decided it was time to check out how I could get into the house without anyone seeing me.

I soon found out that if I used my nose hard enough then I could open the back door and sneak in, much to my excitement.

I’ve been here for around 2 and a half years but have made a lot of friends. Like the cat next door and the mad budgie that hangs out above the bikes.

I like it a lot here and thanks to the Shenton Park Dogs' Home for looking after me and sending me to a nice place.

Lots of love from Conney and the rest of the Giblett Family XXX.

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