Kaipo the sweetheart

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 13 November 2009 | 2 Comments


This is a picture of Kaipo (pronounced kai-poh in Hawaiian) formerly 'Gypsy' whom we adopted almost 4 years ago! We spent quite a few hours on the net and at the home walking around the pens waiting for 'our dog' to find us...Kaipo did just that. She came to the fence from the first time we saw her and wanted to interact!

Kaipo the sweetheart

We had recently lost our beautiful young labrador Bella and have always believed that Bella had a hand in finding the dog to help heal our hearts. There were so many similarities and she got on so well with our other rescue dog 'Ilio' when we came back the next day...it was great!

Kaipo means 'sweetheart' in Hawaiian and we knew that Gypsy meant a 'wanderer' and that was never going to happen again. Kaipo lives on a small semi-rural property and loves being a clown, a protector and like our other two dogs, Ilio (pronounced ill-lee-o) and another rescue dog 'Kane' (pronounced kah-nee) keeps us on our toes and we revel in it! Kaipo loves playing 'reflection in the water, who is the fairest of them all' and often spends her time lying near the pool sunning and dreaming!

We are so grateful for all the work you people do for the dogs and have since seen two of our daughters adopt dogs from the refuge. In fact Erin is a volunteer/permanent worker with the home! We regularly donate monies as the dogs deserve to have a happy and safe life too.

Kind Regards,
Sandy & Ed, and Kaipo, Ilio & Kane

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  • Oh! how we need more people like you.

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 18/11/2009 9:36am (9 years ago)

  • I have to agree with Kaipo.."she is the fairest of them all" So lovely to hear of a dog being so spoilt and loved.

    Posted by Sharon Moloney, 17/11/2009 10:58am (9 years ago)

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