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Posted by Nerilie Watson on 29 January 2015 | 5 Comments


It's been almost three years since we went to have a look at the dogs, ideally wanting a calmer 2 year old. None of the lovely pooches were suitable for us being full time workers, but then Claire suggested Kaylee, we fell in love and took her home the next day. She was probably only about 10 months old and a ball of energy. She is almost 4 now and still as crazy as the day we met her.

Kaylee adoption success

In the last three years she has always managed to make us laugh, eventhough she has been hard work at times. She loves walks, running in donuts, swimming in the Swan River, the Daglish dog park and especially snuggling on the sofa and sleeping on the bed with us.

She's been back to the Refuge Home quite a few times, whilst I worked there in the office, always happy to play with colleagues dogs or the office pups.

16 Months ago we welcomed our little baby boy Lucas into our lives and Kaylee has been perfect with him. They now play together and give each other kisses and hugs. She is always looking out for him, making sure he's alright and guarding the pram. Lucas has the biggest smile on his face when he sees her, he is blessed to grow up with Kaylee. Surprisingly they even understand which toys belong to whom.

A few months ago we moved back to the UK. She has settled here very well and loves the muddy fields along the Thames. Besides the walks with us, once a week she goes into the woods with other dogs and runs around like crazy, too much amusement of the dogwalker.

Now we're just awaiting her reaction when she sees snow for the first time. I'm sure she'll love it, especially knowing she can curl up against the radiator afterwards.

Kaylee adoption success
Kaylee adoption success

Thank you,

Ingrid, Chris, Lucas & Kaylee

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  • What a great story! So glad Kaylee made the long journey to the UK without difficulty. Such a delight to see pics of your gorgeous little boy and Kaylee. They will grow up as best buddies 💙💙 Best wishes , Shan

    Posted by Shan Carberry, 15/02/2015 12:39am (4 years ago)

  • What a beautiful and wonderful story, I think she will love the experience . :)

    Posted by Rebecca Law-Davis, 09/02/2015 11:36am (4 years ago)

  • What a beautiful story. How lucky is Kaylee to have such a wonderful family.

    Posted by Lyn Lloyd, 04/02/2015 4:25pm (4 years ago)

  • awesome success story!

    Posted by Ali, 31/01/2015 3:18pm (4 years ago)

  • I remember you Ingrid,what a great story,if I remember rightly,we were devastated that you were leaving,but it sounds like Kaylee,has found the perfect home and it's lovely that she loves Lucas.

    Posted by Dot , 31/01/2015 2:28pm (4 years ago)

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