Kel makes himself at home

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 22 June 2009 | 1 Comments


Do you still remember me? I am Kel, I thought I'd give you an up-date. I am in the process of training my new owners, however many compromises have to be made. They didn't like me checking the good smelling pots on the stove and would not share their very comfortable lounge - instead I have my own basket next to the lounge (which isn't too bad).

Kel makes himself at home

I was successful in claiming my spot at the end of the bed since I have slept on my own for far too long, and my own chair in the computer room so that I can always be close to my friends. When I heard the voices of my new friends behind the fence, I showed them how good I can jump, not to run away, just so that they don't forget about me.

Their friends are mine, so I don't bark when people come into our house, instead I show them my friendship and always get more cuddles out of it. The younger people of my family play with me a lot and my master takes me for long walks. I have worked out my family members already and know what I can get out of them.

I have a park behind our house and they trust me now when I am off the lead and have a good run three times a day. Since I left I have learned a lot but they still have me booked into a training school. I will show them how good I am already and aspire to be the 'show pony' of training sessions!

Thanks for rescuing me when I hit a difficult spot in my life.

Bark, bark, lick, lick,


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  • See you at the park Kel! Emma

    Posted by Emma , 03/10/2009 1:06am (9 years ago)

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