Kiri manages Houdini-esque tricks

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 5 September 2012 | 3 Comments


My fiance Simon and I adopted Kiri (Chihuahua) on 7th August and we just wanted to share how much she loves her new home, and how much we love her!


She was shy and subdued at first, but now she is thoroughly settled she is a different little dog from the one we first met. She is very loving and cheeky, is very gentle but also loves to have fun with us playing with her toys, she loves to go on her daily walks and gets very excited to be outside with lots of new smells, and if you sit down she will be curled up on your lap in a second!

She is not very vocal, she rarely barks or makes a sound except for when someone knocks on the door or she sees a cat. She loves to give wet doggy kisses and loves being cuddled, petted and being given belly rubs. She has a lovely comfortable bed and blanket right next to ours and the first thing she does in the morning when she wakes up is to roll on her back with her belly exposed as she wants a belly rub! Because she's so little she gets cold at night so we put a little dog jumper on her, but she hates it and because she's cheeky and such a little Houdini she will amazingly manage to get it off herself in about 5 minutes. She mastered toilet training really quickly and she is always really well behaved; she never digs, scratches, chews etc and she comes to us when called by name or when we whistle. She loves her comforts such as lazing in the sun in our garden, or warming herself in front of the gas fire at night. She has also adopted the beanbag in the living room as her own! She is the most perfect dog you could imagine!


She finds riding in the car really fun and she loves coming to visit my family or my fiances family. When we first met her at the refuge the staff told us she was wary with other people but obviously a big change has come over her as now she loves being around  our friends and families and seems to bask in all the attention that she gets.

I'm happy to say that she seems to adore my fiance and I which is great because we adore her just as much. She is a lovely companion and it is great to see her confidence grow. We love to see how happy she is and we can tell this because her tail is always wagging like mad. We kept the name she was given at the refuge because we thought it was nice and it just seems to suit her. We think she is the most special little dog in the world and we are so glad that we were able to give her a wonderful home!

Rozelle Surman

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  • Yay for Kiri! Thank you for taking this beautiful girl home with you; it was rather difficult at times to get work done while she was sitting on my lap...but it was all she ever wanted to do!

    She is such a sweet little girl and I'm glad she is lucky enough to go home with people who love her so much already :)

    Posted by Liz, 08/09/2012 12:47pm (6 years ago)

  • What a wonderful description of a hugely successful homing of dear Kiri. Lucky for both Kiri and you two to have met.

    Posted by Ali, 07/09/2012 8:41pm (6 years ago)

  • We Vollies love to hear how the dogs are going in their new life. Thanks for sharing this happy story Rozelle.

    Posted by Linda Mort, 05/09/2012 5:59pm (6 years ago)

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