Kye finds his alien side

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 4 March 2011 | 2 Comments


Woof woof, it’s Kye here.

Alien Kye

Just wanted to say a big woof to all the lovely people at the dog refuge and let you know I’m settling nicely into my new home. My new family loves me to bits and I get lots of pats and cuddles and attention. I have lots of favourite spots in my new house to snooze, including the study and next to the couch. I’m not allowed upstairs but I have been cheeky on occasion and wandered up in the mornings, impatient to find out if they are up and ready to take for my morning run.

I think they might have been a bit anxious about leaving me during the day while they were at work or school. But when they came home at lunchtime to check on me, they always found me snoozing contentedly in my kennel.  I’ve shown them how trainable I am, already responding to commands and off lead in parks and at the beach.  I could tell I particularly impressed them with my territorial instincts and guarding my new home against strangers. I don’t think they had me pegged for a good guard dog and were pleasantly surprised. 

One strange thing though, they gave me a new name- Icheb- which is some sort of sci fi reference I think. I don’t really mind and in fact, I’ve attached a pic of me with my new family which shows I really might have some extra terrestrial origins! See also a pic of me running wild at the beach! Which I’m going to need lots of as my waistline’s gotten a tad rounder with all the good food .

Kye at the beach

Big hug to all of you.  And thanks particularly to Mel for matching me up so well with my new humans.


Icheb – formerly Kye

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  • So happy to know that Icheb has found a loving family and a forever home.

    Posted by Belinda, 15/03/2011 10:38am (8 years ago)

  • What great news Kye (Icheb). You have found a place to call home - and a great family to love you. There nothing better!
    Love your green eyes.

    Posted by Iris, 09/03/2011 2:16pm (8 years ago)

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