Lazy Lucy

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 9 November 2013 | 4 Comments


Hi Guys, it's me, Widget but you can call me Lucy now.


Sorry, I haven't written since I left but truth be told I'm a pretty lazy dog. Since I moved in with all of my dads (3 of them, how lucky am ) I've been living the life of luxury and getting super spoilt.

I've settled into my new house really well. I love my new family and I've even made a couple of best friends (I used to hate other dogs). Their names are Lana (the one that looks like a mini-me), Holly (she's really old) and Raj (the husky). We get to go to the beach together and sometimes even have sleepovers.


I've been really well behaved, I stopped peeing on the bathroom mat a couple of months ago which I think I did because I was too lazy and too cold to go outside at night time. I also sit, stay and come when I'm told and am good enough to walk off the lead at the park.

I love going to the beach but I'm still a bit shy around other dogs and people I don't know. I love to swim both at the beach and in the pool at home which is good because now that it's getting hotter it's either that or stay under the bed all day (which isn't too bad).

I would have to say my most favourite time of the day is nighttime, closely followed by afternoon naptime and then in third place is after morning walk naptime. I get to sleep on which bed I like (sometimes under the covers), which I know is a bit naughty but nobody really minds. I'm definitely not a morning person and love to have a sleep in with Mitch while everyone goes to work (he studies at home most of the time, I don't help).

Anyway I think I might go have a roll around in the garden and see if I can remember where I buried all my bones.


Thank you for everything you did for me whilst I was at Shenton Park and thanks for hooking me up with these sweet dudes who are now my family as well as my best friends.

Yours truly

Lucy the Bean

PS My instagram hashtag is #lucythebean if anybody wants to see some more photos of me

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  • Hey Lucy, you seem to be having the life you dreamed about. How wonderful!

    Posted by Linda Mort, 19/11/2013 8:44pm (5 years ago)

  • You look like you're having fun!!! =)
    Thank you to your Dads! =)

    Posted by Johnson, 13/11/2013 1:25am (5 years ago)

  • Hilarious,what a wonderful life you have Lucy the bean,three dads, wow , they all seem to adore you,sounds like a fun place,you certainly hit the jackpot there.i enjoy my naps too.Have a happy life.

    Posted by Dot , 10/11/2013 3:32pm (5 years ago)

  • Lucy, you have certainly landed on your paws. An awesome home and life!

    Posted by Ali, 09/11/2013 12:38pm (5 years ago)

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