Leo takes over as leader of the pack

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 24 July 2010 | 3 Comments


Hello. I'm Leo and I have been with my new pack since Feburary 2007, after spending about 2.5 months at the Shenton Park Refuge.

Leo's big smile

Although my new pack leaders like me straight away, I had to wait for a week before they picked me up because they wanted to see if I was cat-compatible. So, I had to meet their two cats first. I was pleased because I like meeting new friends to play with. The smaller cat was ok but the big bushy one was pretty scary - she was probably worried that I'd eat her food if I was allowed in the den. I now know that she is a very greedy cat. My new alpha male and alpha female then decided I was not going to be a threat to the cats (what a stupid fear that was - if anything is threatening it's Fatso and her hissy fits!), and that they wanted to take me home. I was so pleased and gave them lots of licks, particularly the female as she kept hugging me and telling me how cute I looked (I am very handsame as you can see).

I was very nervous on the way home and was shaking and buried my head in the lap of the female who was sitting next to me in the car. When I was inside the den, I was so excited that I accidently did a really big poo on the floorboards. It was way too big to blame on the fat feline. I was sooo embarrassed, and terribly worried what the alphas would think, but they reassured me it was all their fault for not letting me out in the backyard straight away. They were right - it was their fault. I don't even fit through the cat flap!

It didn't take me long to settle in, despite the ferocious feline who still won't share her food with me. The shelter people had told my new pack that I was 'wilful', so the pack expected me to be a bit difficult. But they soon realised that the shelter people must have meant that I'm very intelligent and decisive I like looking after my pack. I only do what's best for them.

Lounging Leo

For example, the alpha male (well HE thinks of himself as the alpha, but REALLY! He is soo slow and would never catch me) watches way too much TV, so I put the remote out of action by chewing it. And the plants in the backyard were just a waste of water, which is irresponsible in the Perth climate, so I ate them too. My alpha female looks ridiculous wearing those thick woollen socks in bed, such an unbecoming look, so I got rid of those too.

Soon, I became indispensible, and the pack is exceedingly grateful to have someone competent in charge at last. I am also very very affectionate (the word 'sook' is frequently mentioned) and give them heaps of cuddles and licks, which they seem to like a lot. They are very attention seeking, so I spend a lot of time playing with them. For example, I show them how loudly a squeaky toy can squeak if one operates it properly.

Thankfully, the alphas and I have similar hobbies - we like going for long walks, and often we go to a cafe afterwards where I flop underneath the table and let waiting staff and passers-by admire and pat me whilst the alphas slurp their coffee and bask in my glory. But my favourite hobby is playing with the other dogs! Every afternoon, I go to the park nearby and meet with my friends.

So, my pack and I are very happy with each other. I am very fond of them, and I know that they simply couldn't do without me. They were very lucky!

Warmest regards to everyone at the Shenton Park Refuge!

Leo (with Craig and Katrin)

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  • Your dog is amazingly beautiful

    Posted by Jojo and Izzzy, 11/11/2010 7:59pm (8 years ago)

  • Leo has quite the sense of humour. Such a funny tale about his pack.

    Posted by Shannon, 06/08/2010 7:48pm (8 years ago)

  • Another fabulous story of beautiful people who have travelled to Shenton Park Dog Refuge and given a homeless dog - Leo, another chance at life.
    A beautiful family - what more can I say!

    Posted by Justin Varischetti, 27/07/2010 9:48pm (8 years ago)

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