Living life after Dudley

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 14 January 2010 | 3 Comments


I would like to tell you about our dog, Dudley, who passed away just before Christmas. We got him from Shenton Park Dog Refuge almost eight years ago. He picked us out on our first visit and made a big effort to charm us, wagging his tail and eagerly grabbing treats from our hands.

Living life after Dudley

His name was our choice, in honour of jazz musician Dudley Moore, and from the beginning he was completely in charge. His favourite trick was to jump on our heads at sunrise to get us to take him for a walk. He loved to play with the Kong for hours; often I would start a big day’s gardening in the early morning and not finish until the late afternoon, and he would still be fetching the Kong, dropping it at my feet and fixing me with a look that said, ‘Well? You throwing it or what?’ His other favourite game was to chase the vacuum cleaner and bark at it until it ‘barked’ back at him. In his twilight months he invented Hooverball, where he would nudge his tennis ball to the vacuum cleaner with his nose and it would nudge the ball back to him.

Mostly, Dudley just wanted to be wherever we were. Bits of him can be seen in all our renovation photos. He frequently displayed eye-watering agility by leaping up onto the office chair, which has wheels, and somehow not sending it rolling across the floorboards.

Dudley had a tail-wagging, nose-licking zest for life that people really warmed to. He greeted visitors by dropping the Kong at their feet and expecting them to play. Everyone called him ‘a real character’. And he was: a charmer, a comedian, and our little companion. He brought so much joy to our lives and we miss him terribly. Our cocker spaniel, whom he took great delight in teasing, still wanders around the garden looking for him.

We are all gradually getting used to the slower rhythm of the house without the little guy around. We have always believed that dogs choose their owners, and so it was with us. Dudley had a fantastic life with us; he found the right owners and we found the right dog. Thanks, Shenton Park, for bringing us together.

Kind regards,
Sharron and Peter

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  • I found your story very moving. You shared a wonderful period with Dudley and I'm sure you both benefited from the relationship. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Posted by Sasha, 17/01/2010 7:14pm (9 years ago)

  • My heart goes out to you both on the sad loss of Dudley. We lost our Charlie in November and it still hurts. We have a new companion now for our other boy Cookie. Cupcake was at Shenton Park Refuge and we fell for her immediately. It took Cookie several weeks to come to terms with the fact that Charlie was no longer around but I'm sure he knows that he is buried in our backyard as we often find him sitting by the headstone. You see it's not just us humans that grieve but the pain does gradually subside. Best wishes to you both.

    Posted by Noelene Ball, 16/01/2010 6:38pm (9 years ago)

  • Sharron and Peter, I was so sorry to read about the loss of your gorgeus little boy Dudley. It's so heartbreaking when we lose them, they give so much and ask so little in return.
    Dudley certainly found the right owners,
    he was really loved.

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 15/01/2010 11:06am (9 years ago)

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