Living ten years with Bon

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 16 November 2009 | 3 Comments


My beautiful boy Bon. I cannot begin to describe the range of emotions he has brought to my life. Bon was, at the time I met him, the longest serving member of the refuge. And boy did he know it - he was adored and coddled by everyone there! To this day, 10 years later, he still gets excited as we pull in to the refuge parking! Many people chose to take Bon home. However he had a history of running away. Bon's issue was that he did not believe he should EVER be left alone! Which made it difficult for someone to keep him.

Living ten years with Bon

As a refuge volunteer at the time, I took him home for a respite weekend - 10 years ago! He has been the delight of my life. Admittedly, we ran in to some issues - the need for a babysitter daily when I went to work, his desire to ransack furniture, doors and paintings should he be left alone - irrespective of whose house he was in! And yet no one could resist him! He got away with story comes to mind of him chasing a friends cat through a cat door...which happened to be in a very large window...small cat door...kelpie dog...doesn't work...the window went with him! And yet the friend was quick to make excuses for him!

For ten years we have grown together. He has brought joy, love, loyalty and safety into my life. I owe him so much! His greatest victory being the night he ran two burglars out of the house and followed them up the street for quite a while...a hero on four legs! On returning he refused to allow the police into the house...he was taking no chances that night!

He no longer needs a babysitter but prefers not to be alone for too long especially at night, has calmed down in the demolition area yet at odd times will have a chew at cardboard boxes(?!), continues to look at me adoringly on all occasions and has developed friendships throughout the area I live amazes me when I hear people speak to him as he sits outside my house. My circle of friends has grown because of Bon! He is a special gift to this world and I am very lucky that he chose to live in my house!

Thank you to the refuge for keeping him until he was ready to move in with me...

Living ten years with Bon

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  • Bon was just waiting for the right person to come into his lucky for you! Have a wonderful life together.

    Posted by Sandy & Ed Hefferon, 04/12/2009 5:40pm (9 years ago)

  • What a nice story.
    I understand completely the many emotions your beautiful Bon has given you.
    A life without pets, I could never imagine.
    Mine are my life.

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 17/11/2009 12:53pm (9 years ago)

  • wow just 10years and such history.....fantastic story :-)

    Posted by ceri cassie, 16/11/2009 7:10pm (9 years ago)

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