Lola is full of beans

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 21 December 2012 | 5 Comments


We adopted Lola from you guys almost 2 months ago, she has settled in very well, she loves her new bed, toys treats e.t.c


She is always happy and full of beans, spent days training her to do commands and she has taken to them very well, we let her off the lead at the weekend for the first time and she loved it but didn’t really want to leave us, which was good.

We are one big happy family and Lola is getting all the love in the world ( more than my girlfriend Jade ) haha

Thanks Guys



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  • Well that is strange ... she is my little girl and still amazing to have around, did her brothers all get a home ? or do they wana come and live with Lola ?

    Posted by Sean Flynn, 19/09/2013 3:17pm (5 years ago)

  • Thought you might be interested. We had a DNA test done on Lola\'s brother (Luca)
    50% Australian Coolie, 25% Australian Cattle dog, the rest made up from Shetland sheepdog, kelpie, dalmation, black lab and low chen.
    Who would have guessed, also doesn\'t explain the brindle.

    Posted by Laraine Newton, 26/07/2013 12:45pm (5 years ago)

  • Lola is just gorgeous and it's great to know she is so loved.

    Posted by Linda Mort, 06/01/2013 4:00pm (6 years ago)

  • Lola is so fortunate in being adopted by such a loving family at such an early age. She looks very happy and spoilt.

    Posted by Jackie, 30/12/2012 9:27am (6 years ago)

  • Lola is looking so cute and relaxed. Thank you for sharing.

    Posted by Ali, 27/12/2012 9:04am (6 years ago)

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