Bauer - Adopt Me!

Wolfie - Adopt Me!

Boss - Adopt Me!

Bauer - In foster

DOB - APR 2012 | Male | Ridgeback X

Bauer is a big softy and the perfect hot water bottle for winter! At night Bauer likes to complete his doggie puzzles and then retire to bed or his spot on the couch. He's a very special member of our refuge family and is currently living in foster care with a volunteer who has given him all A+'s on his report card. Bauer will be a wonderful companion for a very lucky family.

MY IDEAL HOME: I have had a tough past and as a result I do not like being left alone. I would best suit a home where I have company all the time. New owners should be experienced with with shy dogs and must give me loads of time to settle into my new home.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: I will require an hour walk each day plus lots of games and mental stimulation.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I need to be rehomed in an adult-only household.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: I would ideally go to an only dog home (including  dogs, kids and cats) where he can get all the training and attention he needs.


DOB - JUN 2012 | Male | Bull Terrier x Huntaway 

Wolfie is one cute dude and and has personality plus. He is friends with everyone and is loved by all. His only down side at the moment is if he feels trapped it scares him so he can react with a growl and lunge, which can scare some people. So he just needs an owner who loves him enough to continue the work on him that has already been happening, someone who will protect him and make sure I am never put in this awkward situation. He is so smart and you will fall in love just like everyone here!

MY ENERGY LEVEL: I will require approx. 2 x 45 minute walks daily.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I could live with children 13+.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Possible pending meet.  

Boss - In foster

DOB - DEC 2013 | Male | Bull Terrier x Staffy

Boss is a handsome gent looking for a family to join.  He can be quite the independent little soul, going off to explore the environment, but he is a smooch at heart and also loves some TLC from his people.  Think of Boss as a diamond in the rough, with a bit of work and polish he will make a great addition to any family.

MY IDEAL HOME: I may suit full time workers so long as my daily exercise needs can be met and I am left with enough mental enrichment activities to prevent boredom.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: I am an active boy who would love to be taken for at least 2 x 45 minute walks each day.  

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I could live with dog savvy kids over 10 years due to my size.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Possible pending meet.

Shrek - Adopt Me!

Muppet - Adopt Me!

Shrek - In foster

DOB - JUN 2014 | Male | Bull Terrier x Staffy

Shrek is a cool guy that is looking for owners that have owned a big beautiful boy like this in the past. He has very good manners and can shake, sit, stay ,rollover and stay for ages. He is dog social and has just started going to the dog beach where he loves to run, swim and play with the other dogs. He sleeps in the house and never wakes up until the morning. He doesn't like to stay on his own for too long, but can handle a few hours by himself. He is very good with kids and even small children, he doesn't actually take too much notice of them. Once his exercise requirements ar met he is quite an affectionate boy that loves to relax to give kisses and cuddles!

MY IDEAL HOME: I may suit full time workers but will need my family home with me for a couple of days at the beginning to help me settle into my new home.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: I will require a minimum of 2 x 45 minute walks daily so will be looking for a home that I can join that are already quite active.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I would suit children over 10 years. I may be too boisterous for some kids.

Muppet - In foster

DOB - DEC 2011 | Male | Kelpie

Muppet is a fantastic young dog and would suit a home environment with an active lifestyle. He is very sweet, soft-natured and loves to be with people. Some training is recommended to help settle Muppet into his new home and to learn the house rules, once settled he will be a great family companion.  

MY IDEAL HOME: I would ideally go to an active family who have had working breeds in the past. New owners should want an energetic boy who does need some training.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: I will need an hour and a half walk daily plus games and enrichment at home.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I could live with dog savvy children over 13 years.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Possible pending meet - I can be choosey with my doggy friends.