Here are our dogs who have been at the Dogs' Refuge Home for 6 months and over. They are every bit as adoptable as our other dogs that you see in our kennels. Please don't forget about them, they deserve their 2nd Chance at Life as much as any other dog! Dogs marked 'In Foster' are available for adoption.

Chevy - Adopt me!

Chevy - In Foster

DOB - AUG 2012 | Male | Staffy x Mastiff

Chevy is a favorite of the vollies. He is an absolute smooch with such character.He is looking for an active home to call his own with people willing to put the time and effort into him and make him a part of the family. He loves exploring new places and will follow his nose everywhere! Once he has smelt all there is to he becomes very snuggly and loving. With a bit of commitment Chevy will make a great addition to any home. Time and patience training this boy is the key.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: I will require approx. 1 x 30 minute walk daily.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I could live with children 8+ years.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Not good with other dogs.

Harry - In Foster

DOB - AUG 2010 | Male | Kelpie x Heeler

Harry is quite fearful and not has not had the easiest start in life. He is looking for experienced owners that will allow him adjust to new surroundings in his own time and make him feel at ease. It would be best he goes to a calm family with older children so his new home will make him feel nice and safe. When Harry trusts you he is a beautiful affectionate boy who will just relax beside you loving all the attention he is getting. When his fear takes over he does tend to bark, but he is easily distracted or will calm when brought inside the home. This boy is one that truly deserves the next home to be his last. Harry may suit owners that work only part time hours so they are there to help him during the settling in period.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: I will require approx 2 x 30 minute walks daily.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I would suit children 10+. 

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Possible pending meet. Harry can be choosy about his dog friends.


DOB - APRIL 2011 | Male | Mastiff X

Hi my name is Mikey. When I first came to the Refuge I was quite confident. The first week I went out on a street appeal for the Home and loved it! I got pats from the public and they loved me! Sadly since being in here there are times I just can't think. It is so stressful for me that I now have social anxiety.
I desperately need to get out of this joint to become myself again. To do that I need a special quiet environment. Ideally away in an area that has less population so that I get time and a chance to get back to normal. I need to hear the birds chirping and take in the lovely smell of nature. Somewhere like the hills or Margaret River would be ideal! I am a big strong boy so I need owners who can handle me when needed.
In the home my foster carer's said I am an absolute smooch and they loved me to death. But when I went to go for a walk their area was too busy and I couldn't relax so I was on alert on our walks every day. Seeing dogs go past makes me more anxious and this makes me stress stack even more which is why I need somewhere quiet to be able to get my thoughts together and chill out. One day I am hoping my social skills will return, but for now I need the right home to help me on my journey. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Mikey.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Approx. 2 x 30 minute walks daily plus enrichment toys.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Because of his current anxiety and strength we feel there should be no children however he has lived with kids on foster so we would consider older children if the overall home environment is suited.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: No will need to be only animal in home.

Laddy - Adopted

DOB - JAN 2007 | Male | Terrier Medium Mix

Hey I am Laddy. They say I am an older man but I am certainly not feeling the years and need someone active just like myself. Other dogs can freak me out so I do react when I see them and would rather be the only dog in my new house because I want it all about me. My favourite thing about being a dog is that I can get you humans to give me cuddles on demand and I LOVE them, honestly I simply cannot get enough cuddles. I know I am carrying around some winter weight but I am planning to go on a diet to get my summer body back, can you help me with that?


MY ENERGY LEVEL: Laddy will require approx a 30 minute walk daily. He is best suited to part time workers as his former owner was retired and he had company much of the time.

MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Dog savvy kids from 10yrs

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Laddy is quite dog reactive. He will need his space and a quiet home where he will not get stressed out by seeing dogs everyday.

Jade - In Foster

DOB - FEB 2009 | Female | Boxer x Staffy

Jade is, loving, funny and easy dog. She is terrific with children and just loves being with people. Jade is wonderful in the home and very well mannered. Jade would prefer to be the only dog in the house but has come a long way with her socialisation training with other dogs and will benefit from this being continued.

Jade needs very experienced dog owners. She should go to owners who give her lots of time to settle into her new home and allow her to be part of the family activities inside and outside of the house. Part time workers or a stay at home parent is best suited as she went through quite a difficult stage when we initially got her and she didn`t cope very well on her own, after much rehabilitation it is hard to believe she is the same girl, she will need to be gradually left for longer in her new home as it is going to be another big change for her.

Jade does not like thunder or other loud/ unusual noises (ie fireworks etc) and will need to be kept safe and secure when there are storms around.

MY ENERGY LEVEL: Jade will need a min. 45 mins walking daily. She should also be provided with plenty of enrichment such as toys and kongs.

MY SUITABILITY TO CATS & DOGS: Jade appears to lack confidence with other dogs. She can be reactive towards them if she feels threatened in any way. Needs ongoing training to build her confidence.