Louie's theme park

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This is Louie, I was called Lewis, but my new humans didn't think it suited me! They picked me up around the start of May.

Louie's new theme park

When I got to my new home I found they had a ball for me to play with, I just don't seem to be able to fit it it my mouth, although I do enjoy chasing it up and down the passage. The timber floors are great fun to slide on, it's just like a theme park for dogs. They had this great cushion for me to snooze on. Although it did smell a bit of another dog, not sure I liked that, so I chewed it a little! They soon got the hint and bought me a bed all of my own, I haven't chewed on that.

Mum and Dad like to spoil me, as well as cushions I've got loads of toys for when they have to go work. While they are out I like to lie by the gate and watch the world go by, that is if I'm not exploring my new yard. As well as load of toys I also like to play with the back door mat, I think it's much better on the lawn. They keep putting it back by the door, so I move it again!

My day starts pretty early, Dad and I go for a walk every morning at about 6.30, it's pretty cold but I enjoy it. I get to sniff at things after a night snuggled up on my bed. I like to lie near to Mum & Dad at night while they watch TV, sometimes I even get up on the couch with them. I'm learning all sorts of new things, I think they are too.

Louie's new theme park

Well I think it's time for me to have a snooze before they find me using the computer!

Licks to all,

Love Louie!

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