Lucy just keeps on going

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 29 January 2013 | 3 Comments


We adopted Lucy (was Winda) from Shenton park in July 2011 and thought it well overdue letting you know how she was getting on.


Lucy made herself at home immediately and settled into our home beautifully. We live in a small, remote coastal town, which is absolutely perfect for her as she has big wide empty beaches that she can sprint along for hours. So far we have not managed to wear her out, she just keeps going as long as she is allowed to. Her favoutite past times are running, swimming and wave chasing. Once she is home from the beach then she is perfectly happy to have a big nap - until the next big adventure.

Lucy has a great temperament. She is very gentle with children of all ages and doesnt mind being constantly hugged and stroked by the toddlers. She is the kind of dog that you can take any where, and she never makes a fuss. She is our constant companion. She is also very friendly with other dogs and is always ready for a game of chase or tug of war. Occasionally she is overly friendly and older dogs who dont have quite as much energy, soon put her in her place.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Lucy. She is an absolute joy!!!

Thank you also for all the good work that you do at the refuge. You never know one day we may come back to find a play mate for Lucy.

Many thanks

Ceri & Darren Connell.

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  • Location, location, location, right near the beach mixed in with lots of love. Lucky girl.

    Posted by Jodie, 09/02/2013 9:50pm (6 years ago)

  • Happy success story.

    Posted by Ali, 03/02/2013 9:13pm (6 years ago)

  • Lucy has won the jackpot, she really has the life.

    Posted by Belinda, 31/01/2013 5:05pm (6 years ago)

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