Luka & Wallace show their placid nature

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 29 January 2015 | 3 Comments


Just a quick update and some pics of Luka and Wallace! They have settled in really well and are a much loved addition to our family already. They have such placid gentle natures and just love company and follow us around all day. Even when I'm in the study doing paperwork I have both dogs under the desk lying on my feet!

Luka & Wallace adoption success

They have two walks a day which they love and have met lots of other dogs at the local oval who are now their furry friends. They are also well known at the local City Farmers who all adore them and sneak them treats as we wander around the store!

They are great with the kids who love cuddling them and will often sneak in the odd lick on the face!

Luka is my shadow and never leaves my side. Wallace is a little more independent but still very attached to his new family (my mum babysat the dogs last night so we could see the fireworks and apparently Wallace cried when we left!).

We love our beautiful new dogs dearly and feel so blessed to have them. They are being cherished!

Here's some pics of the dogs on the outside lounge enjoying a tad of comfort and a pic on their morning walk with my son Luka Wallace - had to have a pic with Luka, Wallace and Luka Wallace!!

Luka & Wallace adoption success
Luka & Wallace adoption success

Love the Wallace's

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  • True serendipity! Absolute joy to hear this success story!

    Posted by Ali, 29/01/2015 10:33pm (4 years ago)

  • How wonderful to know that these beauties are so loved,they were very loved at the refuge too,and as you said they are very placid dogs,I remember you people when you adopted them,especially "Luka Wallace"

    Posted by Dot , 29/01/2015 10:13pm (4 years ago)

  • What fabulous news. It's fantastic to see these two beautiful dogs become a special part of this wonderful family.

    Posted by Linda Mort, 29/01/2015 8:15pm (4 years ago)

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