Luna finally settles on her one true identity

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 13 July 2011 | 6 Comments


We were fortunate enough to be Luna’s foster parents before we decided to adopt her. It was a very difficult decision as my partner and I had already decided on getting a pup each. It had been years since I had owned a dog and since my partner lost his dog recently we were left with a gap in our lives until Luna came into our life. She has been a blessing and not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky and blessed I am to have ended up with her.


Luna had a history of being returned and had been given up 3 times before. As a result she has had 3 identities, Zoe, Nougat and now named Luna by me. I had volunteered at the refuge before and interacted with a variety of dogs there. I did not expect a perfect dog and was a bit sceptical of what idiosyncrasies Luna may reveal after she became settled. The trainers there were also completely honest and advised me what I may expect. My concerns were that Luna may be too timid and fearful, or even worse, abused and therefore mistrusting. However, the bond between us was too strong to deny and a day without her left us missing her doggy talk and her clicking paws on the floor boards.  

In deciding to get a dog I was adamant that I wanted a courageous working dog who could excel at anything. As I was going to get a pup I expected to put in a lot of work and was looking for a dog with a good temperament. Now I think everyday how lucky we both are and how well suited we are too each other. Luna continues to amaze and exceed my expectations. Luna is the sweetest dog and has a soft personality. She continues to shine in all her obedience classes and is the only dog in her class that has a few tricks up her sleeve. I think and am thankful that she must have had a lot of training before I got her, as I can not believe a dog can become this smart and responsive in such a short time frame. She is often noticed and many people will compliment on how obedient and smart she is. She has brought so much joy to my life, so many beautiful moments and friendships with other dog lovers.


Before getting Luna I was often teased for wanting a super dog, so when I got Luna’s profile I laughed when she was called the Super dog. Everything described about her in her assessment was spot on. I applaud the refuge for doing such a great job and am thankful to Tracey for doing what was best for Luna and that was getting her into a foster home immediately, which happened to be ours and her continual support.

Luna has become the centre of my life and she never feels anything less then loved. I think Luna’s only limitation is what I can teach her. I am always challenged to push her limits and teach her new things. At the moment she does obedience, tracking and trains in two different agility clubs. She excelled in all areas pretty much immediately. We are still working on her excitability and movement stimulation. Lucky for her I think we are both slightly ADHD and always have to be on the go. She is definitely a high drive dog with plenty of motivation, drive and enthusiasm, yet completely focused on the job at hand and gets tunnel vision when she plays fetch until she drops. I could not have asked for a better combination of a mix breed dog in her.

I have only had her for 4 months but I have no doubts in her abilities and will work on overcoming any obstacles we may come across. Luna enjoys agility and seems to want to get on all the obstacles no matter how advanced they are. I am yet to see her on the seesaw but she does not seem too fazed when it comes to a physical challenge. She shows such grace and precision that it is hard to believe she has never done agility before often receiving compliments. She also received a high compliment at tracking by one of the most experienced trainer there, telling me that I should be proud of her, which I am.


Till this day I am still perplexed how anyone could let go of such a perfect dog, who makes the ideal home pet. I just think their loss has been my gain. I have gained a life long companion with an affectionate, attentive, loyal and loving pet who will guard me with her life. Luna has met and exceeded my expectations giving me more then what I had hoped for in a dog. I can now see why Luna was Pooch of the month at the refuge. I thank the refuge for taking such good care of her and she will always be a refuge dog at heart.

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  • Luna now has now completed up to TD3 in tracking and my sister ran her in two Novice Jumping trials at the Northern Suburbs dog club and she won both of them. So the dog that people gave up on is truly a gem.

    Posted by Mat, 07/08/2012 3:51pm (6 years ago)

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words, I always think how atrocious that Luna a smart, loving, loyal and affectionate dog who by nature is a herding, chasing dog could have been put down at 6 months. How could she have been given up soo easily when the rewards returned from her are indescribable. I would benefit from having a sheep farm : )

    Posted by Linh, 03/12/2011 3:29pm (7 years ago)

  • I love this story and couldn't help the tears that fell. I volunteer at the City of Stirling Animal Care Facility and I know how important it is that dogs are re-homed and loved and respected. Lucky Luna I say and lucky you to have such an amazing dog. I wish you all the best!

    Posted by Maria, 21/07/2011 11:03pm (7 years ago)

  • Thank you for giving Luna such a fantastic new life, full of so much love and excitement.

    Posted by Leah, 15/07/2011 7:51am (7 years ago)

  • What an amazing story! Its wonderful reading what you have wrote about Luna, you can see how loved she is. What a lucky and beautiful girl :)

    Posted by Hannah, 13/07/2011 8:20pm (7 years ago)

  • I see she also does a beautiful 'downward dog' !

    Posted by Lynley, 13/07/2011 12:23pm (7 years ago)

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