Macey gets some much needed TLC

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 3 September 2014 | 2 Comments


We adopted Macey, an English Staffy X French Bulldog three weeks ago. Macey apparently has had at least 2 litters of puppies and is not quite 2 yrs old. Her teats are so long they swing in the breeze as she trots along! I can’t tell you how much pleasure she has given my husband & I,  thank you.


From the first night we brought her home she has settled into very well into our routine, or should I say we have settled into hers! She has three beddies; one in the kitchen one in our bedroom & one in the family room.  Plus the couch in the family room. She also  loves to stretch out on the garden bench in the sunshine, much better than lying on concrete and having your titties cold!

The first night home we brought her into our bedroom &  showed her bed however before we knew it she was on our bed pushing back the doona ready for ready for a good night sleep. Eventually she got the message & settled in her own bed & before long was snoring her head off.  Her snoring can be so loud, worse than hubbies!!


She can be very obedient & has obviously had some training however at times  exhibits the typical staffy nature of selective hearing. We’re working on that slowly but surely.  We’ve  also learned not to leave anything edible on the b’fast bar or the kitchen table.  First time she was left I made the mistake of leaving a small  half packet of kibble & a plastic butter dish out.  When we came home the kibble had gone along with 200gms of butter.  Macey was neither up nor down!  We’ve also discovered she like tea, having caught her helping herself to a mug of tea left on the b’fast table. 

She seems to enjoy a car ride & obviously has been used to wearing a harness as the first time out she couldn’t get into it quick enough. She’s not interested in balls but has taken to a cotton rope which she plays with. She’ll fetch it when thrown and bring it back & obeys the command to drop, something our old 16 year old staffy never did!  Enjoys her daily walk in the park with her nose firmly on the ground sniffing the news! We’ve made a couple of new friends & the kids who usually play there make a fuss of her.

Tomorrow she’s being sterilized & I just hope the experience of wearing a cone for a couple of weeks is not too traumatic. Will keep you updated on that.




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  • What a lucky girl, Macey is to have found you! You will find her titties will shrink after a while, so they will not be shooting the breeze in the future. Lol!

    Posted by Ali, 05/09/2014 1:09pm (4 years ago)

  • What a great story,she really has made herself at home,I hope she brings you many years of happiness πŸΎπŸ’ž

    Posted by Dot , 04/09/2014 8:57pm (4 years ago)

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