Make a bigger difference with a bequest

Remembering us through a gift in your will is a very special way of helping us to continue caring and finding homes for lost and abandoned dogs in Perth.

Download our Bequest Program Brochure (PDF 308KB)

Caring for your dogs: We are happy to commit to caring for your dog or dogs when you are no longer with us. Our pro-life policy means that we will ensure that your dog is looked after and re-homed with a new, loving family.

How you can help: Gifts of any size are important to us in continuing our work. Gifts can be of a specific amount, they could be a property or even a share of an estate. We are happy to discuss your wishes with you, your solicitor, or the Public Trustee.

We are committed to provide donors with regular updates on our activities and our rescue work.

Specimen wording: Please find below some specimen wording for a gift of a specific amount:

"I give $ (specify amount) to the Dogs' Refuge Home (WA) Inc of Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, Western Australia".

Gifts of property or a share of the estate would require different wording and we are happy to discuss this with your solicitor, Public Trustee or will maker.

Wills are legal documents and we recommend that advice be obtained from your solicitor, Public Trustee or other professional will maker.

Contact us: If you, your solicitor, or the Public Trustee would like more information about the Dogs' Refuge Home, please contact Chris Osborn on 9481 2040, mobile 0400 206 105 or after hours 9386 3335; email Chris is a volunteer member of our managing committee who is a practicing solicitor in Perth.