Maya's a little muscle machine

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 3 April 2011 | 3 Comments


I thought I would let you all know how Maya (aka Angel) is going. I adopted Maya 14 weeks ago and she has been the best decision I have made in a very long time!

Maya at the Beach

When she first came home she was very timid and hesitant (it took her 3 weeks to bark, I was starting to think she couldn't), though she had just been speyed and also a little unwell so they would have contributed to her quietness. However, 3 1/2 months on she has settled in like she's been here all her life and now struts around like she owns the place - she knows this is now her permanent home! She has put on weight (she was underweight when I got her) and her fitness and jaw strength have surpassed my expectations. She can't get enough of her chew toys and rawhide chews, and games of tug can end with the humans on the ground having just been pulled off their feet by a little 18kg steel-jawed, pure muscle machine.

From the very beginning Maya has been very eager to please and a quick learner. She came pre-trained in many areas so we haven't really had to do a lot. She is still a little hesitant in new situations but with some encouragement she is quick to adjust.

Maya is the most loving and adorable dog, often leaning into you for a hug and kiss and then sliding down onto the ground for a belly rub. She LOVES her twice daily walks at the park - playing with other dogs and getting attention (and treats) from their owners has become her daily morning ritual, and she wouldn't have it any other way! But her ultimate social time is her weekend trips to the beach. From the moment she smells the sea water a few kilometres from the beach she gets excited and can't wait to hit the sand and water - though she still only stays in the shallow. When I first got her she was afraid of the water so it took a lot of coaxing on the many trips to the beach and river, but I am now proud to say she swims! She swims at the river on hot afternoons and will go out quite far to fetch her ball, but the waves at the beach are still to be conquered.

Maya at the Beach

Thank you for looking after my little girl for the 2 months before we found each other. She is my "little chicken", the most important member of the family!!! There is no doubt in my mind she is the most spoilt dog in Perth and has well and truly landed on her feet.



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  • Great to know Maya has found such a loving new family - and so spoilt.

    Posted by Iris, 05/04/2011 1:04pm (7 years ago)

  • Oh I remember Maya, such a cuddly affectionate girl. I used to make a beeline for her when I came in to volunteer.
    Glad to hear she has settled in so well!!

    Posted by Melanie Yarnall, 04/04/2011 6:29pm (7 years ago)

  • So glad to hear how Maya (angel) is doing. She was the first doggie I walked as a volunteer and was a lovely girl.

    Posted by serina, 04/04/2011 7:06am (7 years ago)

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