Millie tries to herd ducks and chickens

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 5 July 2013 | 2 Comments


Millie is settling in well in Cloverdale.


Her first activity was to herd up the chickens, who are old and wise and not very cooperative. They obediently got into a group then refused to be moved along. She could not fathom out the ducks and does constant stalks around them trying to see what they will do. They were all shut up for the night and at present she is only out with them under supervision. She was a little grumpy with the two dogs next door, through the gap in the fence,  but her display was exactly the same as our previous kelpie so no issues there. She just likes to know that she has dogs nearby. Like all dogs she found the “dog treats” box within half an hour. All my friend’s dogs know where it is.

Later in the day my daughter, her husband and two children (3 and 6) came over. She loved the contact with the kids although I understand she may not have had any before. The children took her outside and she ran around with them in the garden.

She is inquisitive but apprehensive when going around the garden, shed and house rooms. All very new to her.  She has made her own space on the bed in the spare room, even with a lovely cushioned, sheepskin and blanket bed of her own. I am sure that once she gets to meet more males, visits the farm and sees the sheep she will settle more and get into a routine.


We went to the Swan River today at Ascot Waters and walked around Kuljak Island. Did not manage to do the total circuit of 2kms but had fun running in the bush, going in the river and running across the huge open grassed areas. She was really at home here and came when called every time.

She is a good guard dog and barks if someone or some thing is near her space. Loves looking out of the security screen and watching the world go by. It was so funny this morning when I opened the door and she went straight into the screen, as it is stainless steel “clear view” one and she didn’t realise. Now she knows, she sits and watches everything and is quite happy.

Thank you all for your wonderful help yesterday in processing “Millie” and allowing her the opportunity to come and live with me.

Regards, Julia

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  • Millie has found a wonderful home with you. Lots of activities and things to do and see!

    Posted by Ali, 07/07/2013 7:38pm (5 years ago)

  • Oh what a wonderful story,I quite often took Millie out for a walk and found her to be a lovely well behaved dog,I'm so glad that she's found a lovely home where her life is full of adventure and good things,pity those poor ducks tho.

    Posted by Dot , 05/07/2013 6:51pm (5 years ago)

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