Monty shows his eye for landscaping

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 28 April 2011 | 2 Comments


Not many of the DRH staff would know Monty, he was fostered to us more or less straight after being rescued from the pound in January. After just a few days, we all knew that we wanted him to become a permanent member of the family.

Monty and Matt

Although he was scared & bewildered in the beginning, it didn't take long for his sense of humour & typical Golden Retriever optimism to show. Even with the dreaded lampshade on his head after desexing, he always had that 'waiting for something great to happen' outlook.

He was underweight originally but now he's gained weight & has a lovely, soft, healthy dark gold (getting darker every day) coat.

We've also done RSPCA dog training & were lucky enough to have Tracey as our trainer. We're looking forward to doing some further training & maybe even tracking. Monty has so much fun with our sons - the boys love to play chasey & hide & seek with him & he loves to beat them at tug-of-war. During the day he's either with me inside the house, helping me outside or redesigning (digging) the garden & then has his walk each night. On the weekends he loves to go to Whiteman Park or the dog beach & play with other dogs.

Monty and Mike

Thanks to DRH, Monty now has the good life that every dog deserves. We love him & we're so happy that he's with us!


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  • Great to know that Monty never had to wait very long after being rescued from the pound, to be adopted by a great family.

    Posted by Jackie, 01/05/2011 2:17pm (7 years ago)

  • Monty is such a lucky boy in finding such a loving family and forever home.
    He really is a gorgeous dog.

    Posted by Olivia, 30/04/2011 11:34am (7 years ago)

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