Mozart has an awesome family

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 10 August 2009 | 1 Comments


Wow, its been a year since I left Shenton Park and I can't tell you enough how much I love my new family, they are awesome! Daddy takes me for a walk to get the paper every morning and then I get to go for a drive to take my brother (Jason) to school.

Mozart has an awesome family

I love to dig bones and hide them in the house, that's fun, my family loves trying to find them afterwards. During the night I sleep on mummy and daddy's bed (I know I'm not supposed to, but they let me) sometimes I sleep on my brother's bed too. Oh, I forgot my big sister Clare (she chose me at the refuge and I saw her first on the other side of the fence) she's awesome too!

Last year Daddy and I had bonding time when my mummy and my brother and sister went on holidays. Daddy stayed home and looked after me, that was fun. I was lucky enough to go on a holiday with them In January ( I was a very good boy, but hey I always am!)

I can't forget my other best friends my Uncle Michael, My nana, My great grandma (she's sooo cute, I love old people) and Spina. I love going to nana's house, I sit on the steps waiting for food.

This year has gone super fast, I've met so many other wonderful dogs like my friend Bossy who lives across the road (she's gorgeous). I've also met so many other dogs at the park and the dog beach It's sooo fun! I also love my stuffed toys, my family says I love murdering them (don't worry they put them in the bin once I have finished).

Thanks Shenton Park! I wouldn't have found this family without you.


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  • You are so lucky Mozart and gorgeous too!

    Posted by Leah McConkey, 17/10/2009 8:48am (9 years ago)

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