Mystee settles in as queen of her castle

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 23 August 2011 | 3 Comments


My name is Mystee and I have been in my new home for 1 month.


I was pretty scared and used to jump at every noise I heard, but it’s getting better. I love it here on 8 acres and my new mum takes me all over the block to explore. Unfortunately, I would love to bark at the kangaroos and rabbits but my other owner had me debarked which is not much fun for a lively girl like me.

I am going for an assessment to a dog trainer so that will be fun. She might even learn about my tricks and how I can manage to escape out of the yard every now and then.

My new home is so great and I get beautiful food every day and a big marrow bone. I have put on about 2 kilos since I have been here which is kind of cool because my bones stuck out too much before and I looked kind of strange.

I come in at night and sit by the warm fire with my new brother Tank. I have been giving my new mum lots of licks because I think she really loves having me around. I feel like the queen of the castle sitting up here on my deck.

I hope all my other friends at Shenton Park find a nice home like I have.

Well, that’s it from me for now.

Love and licks

Mystee Pensini

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  • hi mystee, i'm SO glad you've found a great home with such a loving family. loads of licks from mish & jasper. 'woof, woof'.

    Posted by carmen, 31/08/2011 6:41am (7 years ago)

  • Mystee, you certainly are the queen of your castle and the lady of your manor and we are all so happy for you.
    You have such a loving new family, so nice to know.

    Posted by Olivia, 24/08/2011 2:24pm (7 years ago)

  • Lotsa tears of joy for you Mystee! You may have lost your bark but I bet your licks are the keep em coming. Love to you and your awesome family xxx

    Posted by Gay Nathan, 23/08/2011 7:58pm (7 years ago)

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