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Posted by Nerilie Watson on 10 July 2012 | 3 Comments


We were asked to let you know how Noodle was going after the adoption.  First of all we decided to keep his name because it really did suit him, well him and his brother (adopted also but older) are great friends and love nothing better to run around the yard playing.


Noodle has settled in well and in a loving happy gorgeous natured dog, who is also a little terror.  You would not think so from looking at his face however if there is some mischief that he can get up he will.  The front blinds and curtains are now holey and crinkle cut, as a chance for the boys to acclimatise and settle in with the changes we have let them have access to the house during the day, that came to a halt on Friday when I came home to a:

“look Mum I have a present for you (dead dove in mouth) and look I managed to spread the love (feathers) all round the house along with one of dads favorite books, I know he did not really want to read it which is why he left it on the coffee table.  It will make great fodder for the fire huh!”


The training that we are obliged to go to is interesting and great entertainment for all my co workers as they look forward to the updates every Monday and are even thinking about popping down with their deck chairs just to watch.

We do hold great hope for him though as his brother was much the same through his teenage years and is much more trainable now.  So all in all he is having a great time as are we and though we have some challenges ahead I am sure that he will train his mum and dad to accept him just the way he is!

We love him to bits and are having a great time with him.  My husband says that we do not have a second dog, Gizmo (the older dog) now has a dog.

Enjoy and thanks

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  • It's great to hear the fun and enjoyment you are having. Thanks for sharing this.

    Posted by Linda, 20/07/2012 8:34pm (6 years ago)

  • Awwww! Another good posting. So glad Noodles has a good home and family.

    Posted by Ali, 18/07/2012 3:19pm (6 years ago)

  • Oh, “Noodle monster” – I knew you would be trouble – but such adorable trouble.
    Thanks for the posting. I am so very happy to hear that Noodles has settled in. I saw you head off from the Refuge with my little monster man in your arms and your other little well behaved dog walking along side, and wondered at the time about the chaos that was bound to ensue.
    Despite his reputation for trouble I was so very very fond of him. Please give my “Noodle monster” a big kiss. Bests of wishes for your future.

    Posted by Terri Vincent (vollie), 13/07/2012 2:31pm (6 years ago)

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