Odin has personality plus

Posted by Kylie Hildebrand on 24 February 2010 | 5 Comments


I would like to express my sincere thanks to Shenton Park Refuge for uniting me with Odin, who is also known fondly as Odes, Old Boy or Baby! Odin was in the refuge for quite a while and re-homed a couple of times until the day I happened to visit and met him in the exercise area where he came up to me and leant on me, at which point I was besotted and he was mine days later after passing his cat test.

Odin has personality plus

He is an absolute joy and amazing addition to my life, and I would not give him up for the world. He is extremely spoilt, at times very stubborn (stamps his paws and sits at times he does not want to go outside), but he is pure delight and his personality is so funny.

Many thanks to the brilliant staff and volunteers at the refuge, for providing such amazing training for him. He still does not like other dogs, but this is a minor hiccup and one which is manageable the more I get to learn his triggers and behaviours, otherwise he would be the PERFECT dog. I guess I am saying, don’t let one minor behavioural issue deter you from finding and taking home your new dog.


...it's Odin here, I have some news to add! I live with two cats, and whilst I passed the cat test from trainer Neil, I still get along very well with Franklin the tabby, but not so well with Oscar the Russian Blue. It may be because he is 10 years of age so I respect him and give him a very wide berth because his tsssk frightens even us big dogs.

Odin has personality plus

My owner makes me home-made meals all the time, there is no canned food in her house. She has worked out that I love parmesan cheese on top of my food, and I get fed twice a day and subseqeuntly have put on weight - which is a good thing. My owner also gives me a bone or chicken wings every day and this makes me very happy, keeps my teeth clean and also keeps me busy.

I go on regular walks with my owner and her best friend through the city, and people always smile at me because I am so cute with my grin and floppy ears, but people always give us a very wide berth which I find very amusing, maybe its a dobermann thing. One of my favourite things to do on my walks is to dig lawn and dirt up around the trees after I have done number ones on it..I find this very funny and although my owner tries to tell me off for this, she laughs when she does it and I still indulge in this behaviour...

My owner gets me washed regularly and this makes me very shinny and keeps me clean. I love being washed but I make sure the dog wash man earns his money by lifting me into the bath by hand as I refuse to jump in on my own! My owner has got me two little pools I lay in during the hot weather and also when I get home from a big walks. There is a warm one and a cool one...I am very spoilt.

I am always with my owner when she is home and follow her around the house because she talks to me and I get lots of pats. She always shares her lunch and breakfast with me on the weekends because she knows I like jam on toast and also curried egg sandwiches....she always saves me huge portions.

Odin has personality plus

My owner is very very proud of me because I have learnt to drop, and also learnt to stay and I have learnt to high 5 by myself, particularly when I dont want to do something. I love giving my owner cuddles and laying my head on her lap when we are on the couch. I always like to be able to touch her in some form or another but am still partial to sitting on top of her (all 40kgs of me).

I am SO pleased I was very fussy with who I chose to adopt me and glad I decided to remain in the refuge long enough for her to realise I was there. She must love me lots because as soon as she gets home I am always at the gate and she is ALWAYS smiling and ALWAYS says hello Baby, gives me a cuddle and a pat and tells me how much she has missed me and how much she loves me.

Maybe the above is why Oscar is so jealous...but I dont think so, we dogs all deserve such treatment.

Odin xxoo

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  • Odin was one of my many favourits. He looks so good and I think his tag around his neck with the heart on it is very apt. He certainly looks much loved. He certainly deserved to be. Please give him a cuddle for me.

    Posted by Ros, 21/03/2010 8:05pm (9 years ago)

  • Dear beautiful Odin, so glad you finally found that loving home you so deserved. We haven't forgotten you big beautiful boy. Lynda

    Posted by Lynda, 07/03/2010 4:11pm (9 years ago)

  • Beautiful Odin,
    I miss hugging hugging you but what a loving life and committed mum you have.
    I am so happy for you and glad you have put on weight. Looks like your coat is in a much better condition.
    I knew you would do well in a good home.
    If only every human gave their new family member this respect that they so richly deserve.
    Big hugs Ody you charmer x em from the ref

    Posted by Emma, 28/02/2010 10:30pm (9 years ago)

  • What a gorgeous dog Odin is, and how lucky to find a loving owner to spoil him.

    Posted by Iris Lennon, 28/02/2010 2:30pm (9 years ago)

  • Gorgeous Odin. He was a favourite. I'm so glad that he is getting the affection he craved, so much for, at the refuge. Good on you Trish

    Posted by Audrey, 25/02/2010 11:11pm (9 years ago)

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