Older dogs appreciate a good thing

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 2 October 2011 | 8 Comments


Hi eveyone at Shenton Park. I took my new friend Dougal home 3 weeks ago & thought I would let you know he is a wonderful boy & doing well.

Dougal with a bone

I must say he seems very happy with his new home & has tried out almost every piece of soft furnishing for a bed. He has been to doggy training with Simone at Positive Pets 3 times & was even alowed to join the class this week! Doesn't take long for a Lab to get the hang of training when food is involved. We are both enjoying it & learning lots of new training tools.

Dougal is not a young dog age wise (he is almost 9) but in his mind, actions & body he is still a puppy. I can not express enough the joy an older dog can give. Anyone reading this & thinking of adopting a new friend please consider the old fellas. They know when they are onto a good thing!

I will send onother update soon - we haven't been to the beach yet & I am sure that will be loads of fun for my water loving Pooch!

Thanks for letting us be friends Judy & Dougal Regan xx woof woof

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  • Hi Judy - I was so pleased to see that Dougal has gone to a great home which he deserves. I looked at Dougal, but as I work full-time and the Shelter wanted me to walk him every day and take him to training, felt I was not the right owner for him. I agree there is a lot of joy in owning an older dog which I am still looking for. Give Dougal a big hug from me.

    Posted by Karen, 03/12/2011 1:30pm (7 years ago)

  • Well I must say Dougal has hit the doggie jackpot with Judy as his new mum. He is a lovely boy and definitely deserves the good home he has gone to. I just know his grandparents will love him too when they meet him. Can I please come to the beach when you take him there!!!!! I reckon he will go nuts......

    Posted by Berni, 15/10/2011 12:01pm (7 years ago)

  • Dougal! What a beautiful surprise to see that he has been adopted! He\'s an amazing dog, strong, full of energy and very clever. I had so much fun with him playing with balls, with water. We cuddled a lot too! Thanks for the update !

    Posted by Diane, 12/10/2011 12:01am (7 years ago)

  • I love older dogs, they seem to fit in with your lifestyle so much easier, and no puppy accidents or chewing to deal with!

    Good on you Dougal, here's to many wonderful golden years. :)

    Posted by Louise, 09/10/2011 1:26am (7 years ago)

  • Thank you to all you wonderful people who give older dogs a loving home in the later years of their lives - the stable, loving home they deserve!

    Posted by AiLin, 07/10/2011 5:45pm (7 years ago)

  • Dougal is a very handsome boy.
    I agree with you, older dogs give so much and they are so grateful for the love and attention they are given.
    Also, how fantastic to give them THE BEST YEARS OF THEIR LIFE!

    Posted by Jackie, 03/10/2011 8:38pm (7 years ago)

  • I spend quite a lot of time with\"young\"Dougal in his short stay at Shenton Park and he was absolutely adorable,so much puppy still in him thats for sure.Im so glad he has a loving home and he looks so happy in this photos,thanks for sharing.Andrea

    Posted by Andrea McSevich, 03/10/2011 12:10pm (7 years ago)

  • Hear,hear Judy! My adopted 16 year old Ariel aka 'Granny girl' is doing well, and loves her new home too!

    Posted by Gay, 02/10/2011 8:06pm (7 years ago)

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