Older duo offer double the love

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 28 September 2011 | 1 Comments


These are two of the most adorable and loving dogs we've had at the Refuge - Patches and Buttons are both social little dogs who love to interact with people and are looking for a loving home to retire together. They are a particular favourite of our patron, Melanie Greensmith from fashion brand Wheels and Dollbaby, who stopped recently to say hello to our pooches and officially start the building of our new kennels project (managed by PACT Construction).

Melanie with Patches and Buttons

Patches and Buttons are brother and sister and are 12 year old Maltese puppies who have lived together their whole lives. Of course, we don't want to separate them now, so we are looking for a home where they can live together. They are both calm little dogs and would prfer a quite home where they can get plenty of one on one time with their owner. 

So long as they are together, they can adapt to new environments well and need little training - just in basic house rules. This will help them to bond with their new family and settle in quickly. They would be the perfect companion for a retired person or couple who is looking for loyal and loving companions - you'll definitely get that in this duo!

If you think you can give Patches and Buttons a loving home - just give the Refuge a call or pop in for a visit.

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  • My wife and I were the lucky ones that adopted Buttons and Patches.

    I could not miss Patches in your photo. She is my 'Lovely Lady'.

    I almost did not recognize Buttons due to the long shaggy coat.

    These two'people' have become the most important in my life.

    We have a good fortune story re Patches - as told my Patches herself. I will post it on Success Stories soon.

    Posted by Bill taylor, 23/03/2012 1:54pm (7 years ago)

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