One year on, Tally has been worth the effort

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 10 November 2013 | 9 Comments


I started volunteering at the shelter a little over a year ago, determined to also adopt my next dog from there.


It only took a month for me to fall in love with Tally, an 18 month old kelpie x rottie and after spending a number of hours at the shelter with her to make sure she was definitely the one, we had her for a ten day trial. The first thing she did when she arrived in our yard was run up to the pool to get a drink - and promptly fall in. While I was madly running around to the shallow end to show her where the steps were, she pulled herself out from the deep end, shook herself off and started doing happy laps around the yard and rolling around in the grass.

When my partner, Matt came home (who she had met briefly at the shelter), he put out his hand to pat her (a definite no no with our girl) and she promptly went to bite him - not a good start, but luckily over time, he could do pretty much anything I could do to her. That's not to say it was an easy task for me either - Tally has obviously had some mistreatment in her past and we had to respect that especially when she first met new people.


She also took a while to enjoy affection but now she's a big smooch, at least to us and those she's known for a while. She also couldn't have been socialised much - she certainly didn't seem to have any idea what the beach was about but now she loves nothing more than chasing her ball in the shallows (she is yet to swim although she has proven to us with the pool that she can).

She had a playmate at the shelter so we knew she was dog social but she's very much a control freak and play has to be on her terms so that is something we have to also monitor and not be complacent about. When she does click with a fellow canine though, there is nothing more entertaining to watch!


Another thing we introduced her to was the boat. We weren't sure what she would be like on it but she was great from day dot.  We have also taken her down to Margaret River a few times to our holiday shack which happens to be right near the dog beach and she absolutely loves those trips and is excellent in the car as well.

A year on, we are both so happy to have her in our lives and to see the changes in her over this time make the effort so incredibly worthwhile.

Jo Lanning

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  • Lovely photos, Jo. Tally looks so happy :)

    Posted by Marianne, 10/01/2014 10:52pm (5 years ago)

  • What a great success story, Jo, your hard work has paid off, Tally looks so happy :)

    Posted by Maz, 10/01/2014 9:55pm (5 years ago)

  • Tally looks so happy on the boat! Like Tally ,my dog from the Refuge was scared of the beach and waves, but gradually became confident and loves the beach. Tally is growing more confident every day I'm sure :)

    Posted by shan carberry , 07/12/2013 7:20pm (5 years ago)

  • Thanks Jo and Matt for giving Tally such a great life. She is truly appreciative of being part of your family ... she told me so last time she was here. She's a lovely dog.

    Posted by Linda Mort, 19/11/2013 8:41pm (5 years ago)

  • Awesome!

    Posted by Ali, 18/11/2013 8:34pm (5 years ago)

  • Yay Tally girl!!!!!! Here's to a wonderful life with an awesome family xx Merry Xmas

    Posted by GPath, 17/11/2013 8:42am (5 years ago)

  • Tally! you certainly have the life!! so spoilt. Very happy for you.

    Posted by Jane, 15/11/2013 5:51pm (5 years ago)

  • She looks lovely Jo,wow she gets to go sailing too,so glad you adopted her.

    Posted by Dot , 15/11/2013 1:23pm (5 years ago)

  • Ahh, the lovely Tally! She looks so happy Jo! What a wonderful difference you have made in her life.

    Posted by Serina, 14/11/2013 2:26pm (5 years ago)

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