Oscar's living proof of the benefits of training

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 6 June 2011 | 3 Comments


We changed Roger's name to Oscar. When we first seen Oscar, my partner Shaun was hooked. I did think, this dog will be hard work. He was full of life, boisterous, and enthusiastic, yet so friendly and playful. The staff at the refuge prepared us for the worse and were honest with the behaviours we might see.

Oscar at doggy training

It's being over one month, we love Oscar so much, his confidence has grown, he has become very settled and is a very happy dog. Oscar is now the centre of our life. He gets walked in the mornings and goes for runs and swims in the evenings. He loves to swim and is a fantastic swimmer, he goes to the beach 3 times a week.  He plays tug with Shaun most evenings and is very skilled soccer player.

Oscar occasionally sneaks into our bed, you would never know he is there. He is so full of love for us, always eager to please. Oscar is affectionate and we love him so much.

He had very little social skills when we first got him. But our confidence and his has grown through Social dog walking with Desma's Dog training at weekend. We are currently doing Level 1 dog obedience with RSPCA, I think Oscar is the best in the class:) he is a very clever dog. We can now read other dogs who are suitable play mates for him. Oscar have a few friends now he plays with at the beach and the park, he will always come back to us.

We honestly thought it would take 6 months of hard work to get Oscar to this stage. But after only 1 month, we are a very happy family and Oscar is such a lovable member of it.

Oscar at the beach

Thanks to Renne and Tracey at the refuge for their help, advise and honesty.

Kathryn and Shaun

Oscar on his couch


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  • Thanks girls, he's starting agility training soon. Keep up the good work :)

    Posted by Kathryn, 29/07/2011 4:48pm (7 years ago)

  • Oscar is so lucky to have you both.
    Thanks for putting time into him and giving him another chance at a good life.

    Posted by Miranda, 14/06/2011 12:06pm (7 years ago)

  • Good to hear that Oscar has found such a great home and family.
    He is a gorgeous looking boy!

    Posted by Belinda, 12/06/2011 2:06pm (7 years ago)

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