Our precious pooches are treated to a makeover

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Update! Printed versions of the posters are now available for collection from the Refuge office at 30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park. If you can help by posting these up in your local area, it would be much appreciated!

Bruno - Adopt Me!

It breaks our hearts to see some of our most beautiful dogs overlooked by potential families. These dogs are our long termers and are the favourites of many of the staff and volunteers at the Refuge, but they just can't seem to find a suitable home. But, hopefully that is all about to change!

With the help of our fabulous friend, Alex Cearns from Houndstooth Studio, our long termers were treated to a bit of TLC and a doggie makeover to help us show the rest of Perth what we see everyday - beautiful dogs desperate to find a loving home.

The result was some fantastic pictures (as only the National Canine Photographer of the Year could produce) which have now been made into individual posters to help promote our longer term residents to the wider public (check out Bruno's!). However, we will need your help to get the posters up and about Perth.

Shortly, there will be printed versions of the poster available for collection from the Refuge office. Anyone able to help out by posting them in the local area in vets, dog-friendly cafes, shopping centres etc can download the individual versions from the long termers page or pick them up from the Refuge office once available.

Posters are available for Axel, Bruno, Bailey, Bridget, Frankie, Kira, Bullet, Rusty and Tyler.


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