Ouzo gives everyone a friendly greeting

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 15 August 2014 | 3 Comments


Thank you all for this beautiful dog, who is such a wonderful pet. I was so lucky "someone didn't appreciate him enough to get him back" and that I got him!


He is still an active boy who just loves people and other dogs.  In some ways this can be a problem, such as when at the beach and he runs to greet the ranger!  However, his body language tells everyone who knows dogs how pleased and happy he is to meet them.

Brandy (the dog who I had before Ouzo and was "depressed" at the loss of his best mate Bourbon) has become the happiest dog again.  Often at a park in Bayswater (where we go and them socialise with 10 - 20 other dogs) they will ignore other dogs and chase each other around!  Interestingly, I met a former volunteer of yours, and was chatting, and said Ouzo came from Shenton Park.  She then asked was he previously Cushion, which I confirmed, and she told me how fond she and many others were of him!

Since adopting Ouzo, I have become more involved in fostering with SAFE Bunbury, and am now also the SW representative for the newly formed Labrador rehoming group (which is a break-away from Labrador Rescue).

Ouzo has been a wonderful assett in this work, welcoming new dogs into our home and wanting to play.  He has also been a great role model, "indicating to other dogs that all is good & to relax".

I attach a few photo's of Ouzo interacting with other dogs!  None of these are staged - all are "candid camera" moments.


You all do a wonderful job, which is "undervalued" by the community at large, and your team deserves to see some of the "positive outcomes" that result from their effort.  I foster at home myself, and "try not to visit the kennels too often", as seeing all the caged dogs is upsetting - BUT I remind myself of the alternative - euthanasia!





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  • What an amazing story! I loved reading it.

    Posted by Dot , 27/08/2014 8:06am (4 years ago)

  • Awesome work :)

    Posted by Sabrina, 21/08/2014 5:35pm (4 years ago)

  • You and Ouzo are inspirations in the Dog Rescue community.

    Posted by Ali, 16/08/2014 10:59pm (4 years ago)

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