Patches is loving her retirement

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My name is Patches.  I guess they called me that because I have a few black patches of colour on my otherwise white body.

I was adopted by Bill and Mona along with my brother, Buttons.  I’m not sure why he was called Buttons, but I suspect it was because he has these rather largish round black eyes that look a lot like buttons.


Soon it will be six months since we were adopted.  My facial hair is starting to turn grey now, but ‘Dad’ tells me that I am still as lovely as I ever was.  He sometimes calls me his ‘Lovely Lady’.  Buttons still looks much the same, but then, he is two years younger than I.

Recently it was 38 degrees outside, but we didn’t care.  Our new ‘kennel’ has ducted air-conditioning.  This couch is my daytime sleeping spot.  Mum bought me a new cotton sheet as the woollen blanket did get a bit warm during the summer.  I like lying here on my back with the air-con blowing over my tummy.  Sometimes I share my couch with Buttons, though he is usually in the next room with ‘Mum’, sleeping on his new rug, whilst ‘Mum’ watches her Mid-day Movies. 

Buttons loves to take a nap on Dad’s computer chair.  Bravie, Dad’s Cockatiel, also naps there; so does Kim, Mum’s Cockatiel and also Cocky Boy, the family Galah.  Sometimes they are all there, sleeping together with Cocky Boy on Dad’s left shoulder, Bravie on the right shoulder and Kim on the left thigh.  Dad takes his daily naps on this chair and sometimes Buttons will jump up onto dad’s soft belly and nap with him.

At night when I see ‘Dad’ with his toothbrush, I jump up off the couch and race up the passage and plop myself at his bedroom door. I want to be there when he awakens in the morning.  Buttons will come and join me.  We have these two comfortable beds that mysteriously appear in the passage-way around bedtime.

Buttons and Bravie

Since we have been at our new home we have not eaten dry dog food.  Mum did buy a bag, but we refused to eat it.  Mum bought another bag of a different brand, but we didn’t touch that one either.  We know that if we hold out we will eventually get some oregano-flavoured grilled chicken or some of ‘Mum’s’ Asian style cooking. 

Well! We are in our senior years now and there-fore we deserve to have the best.  Dad usually keeps his eye out for people-quality meat that’s going for a good price and gives us a treat.  He reckons we go through ‘people-food’ like steam shovels. 

Mum has an extensive garden.  It covers all four sides of the house and has trees, shrubs and undergrowth.  The garden is a Mecca for bird-life.  Many birds have been born there.  One mother bird has been breeding there for years now and accepts Mum and Dad as a part of her natural surroundings.  Dad has rescued a few babies that came to grief during their early attempts at flying.  One day Dad was in the garden imitating bird sounds when a baby bird flew out of a tree, landed at his feet with its mouth open and wanting to be fed. 

Unfortunately the local cats also know of this garden and a few birds have been lost.  Buttons and I have a total dislike for cats and we help to control the situation.  When we get the aroma of a cat in the area we race outside and patrol the yard.  Dad has taught us to let the birds do their own thing, as they feed in the yard or sun-bake on the drive-way.

Recently Dad was reading the local paper.  The local wildlife sanctuary has a dingo named Rebel.  Rebel is the same age as Buttons.  Rebel has cataracts and is now blind.  The lovely people at the sanctuary will be holding BBQs and Fetes to raise the many thousands of dollars needed to restore Rebel’s sight. Dad put down the paper, jumped on his little scooter and raced over to the sanctuary and asked to meet Rebel.  He then presented the folks there with a cheque to be used towards Rebel’s operation.  I know my Dad is an old softie, I can see it when he looks me in the eye, but he doesn’t like the word to get around.  Mum did ask him what he did with the cheque, but he would not say.

I, too, have cataracts.  It says so on my Veterinarian’s Report, diagnosed in March of last year. Should Rebel’s fate befall me I know that Mum and Dad will look after me.

My regards to; Andrea (Dad gave me that big hug from you), Linda, Sonja and all my other old friends at Shenton Park. 

My Dad says that despite having so many friends at Shenton Park, I will never have to go back there.

P.S. Monday, on the way home from our morning walk, Dad stopped off at a Vet. Surgery, thinking it might be where Rebel will have his operation.  It was and Dad was informed that Rebel will have his eyes operated on the very next day.  Later that day Mum spoke to the Ophthalmologist and ascertained the cost of an operation, if needed.  She then made an appointment for Thursday for my eyes to be checked.  Mum and Dad feel that I cannot be allowed to have failing eyesight in my twilight years, no matter what the cost.

P.P.S. Thursday: Today I had my eyes checked by the Ophthalmologist.  He carried out a number of tests. He was so very thorough. Diagnosis?:  According to the Ophthalmologist, I do not have cataracts.  He says my eyes are perfectly normal – well, for a lady of my years. 


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  • How fantastic for Buttons and Patches. Bill and Mona a big hug to you.

    Posted by Lisa, 05/04/2012 1:05am (6 years ago)

  • Oh such a beautiful story, what beautiful people, and such lucky dogs and birds, I wish all the dogs at the refuge could find a home like yours.

    Posted by dot weary (volunteer), 30/03/2012 11:03pm (6 years ago)

  • Has it really been that long since buttons and patches left? Time flies. sounds like they are having a lovely life.

    Posted by sarah kearn, 30/03/2012 10:17pm (6 years ago)

  • Oh Patches and Buttons, what kind and hilarious human parents you have. I am sure they entertain you as much as you do them. Sounds like great retirement all round. So lucky you all are. Twilight years will be the best of your lives xox

    Posted by Susan, 30/03/2012 7:53pm (6 years ago)

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