Pepper loves the outdoors

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 24 August 2010 | 1 Comments


We picked Pepper (formerly know as Flick), up from the Shenton Park Refuge when she was 9 months old and have never looked back. She was found roaming the streets in Wembley before being taken in and looked after by the Refuge.

Pepper at the beach

She’s a border collie cross and at the time had never socialised with people or dogs, been on a lead or had any training. So she was a 9 month old puppy with an amazing amount of energy! She picked up the rules of the house very fast, and after going through nearly every outdoor cushion, a few sheets, shirts, socks, shoes and many toilet rolls, she has become a very loyal, smart and obedient dog with a permanent smile on her face.

Pepper is extremely excitable and does this incredible back arch when she’s saying hi. It’s uncontrollable and her whole lower back arches up and wags side to side. She’s the happiest dog in the world, and who wouldn’t be with the amount of fishing and camping trips she gets to go on. Kilometres of white sand to run along, waves to surf and her favourite is going out in the dingy with the wind blowing through her hair and keeping a look out for any seagulls.

Pepper playing footy

Pepper is now just over 2 years old and incredibly settled. We couldn’t have imagined a more loyal and loving dog. The amount of happy and hilarious moments she has already bought us is endless.

Nic and Jon

Pepper and Rosie



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  • I must say you have some gorgeous phots of Pepper.
    You have given this dog a fabulous life, not to mention LIFESTYLE.

    Posted by Mia Adams, 28/08/2010 1:03am (8 years ago)

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