Polly and Finn are two little beauties

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 1 September 2010 | 1 Comments


Polly and Finn just wanted to keep you updated from their last posting in December 2009. They are happy and sweet doggies that are adored by all.

Best of friends

When we first got them I had them completely sheered to a very short coat. Their coats have since grown back and they get nothing but compliments everywhere they go, usually in the “aren’t they gorgeous” department. Why just the other day we were out for a walk and this lady was getting out of her car trying to juggle groceries, kids, baby but then stopped what she was doing, starred for a second and said “what beautiful dogs”.

Polly is very out going and loves to make new friends. She is very well behaved and comes when she is called. Finn, unfortunately, is partially deaf and blind, but as long as he can see Polly he will follow along. And they are such wonderful companions to me. We love taking long walks along the river or discovering new places to have a nice outing.

Now most people would say they take a lot of grooming being shelties but as long as I stay on top of it they have beautiful coats to show off. In fact, I find brushing them quite relaxing and almost meditative.

Thanks so much for bringing these beautiful babies into our lives.

Judith Bluhm-Brown

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  • I can totally understand why you love Polly and Finn so much - they are gorgeous.
    Nothing makes a family so complete.

    Posted by Jodie Adams, 02/09/2010 4:12pm (8 years ago)

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