Quiglie's first nights in Denmark

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 9 September 2014 | 1 Comments


Hi to my Dear friends & Carers at Shenton Park!

I did try and send you my first email after my first night in Denmark with my new owners, but I don't think I pawed the right "send" button! So here I am after my 3rd night in Denmark and I am pleased to report things are pretty good!

I have some nice new indoor & outdoor toys, I love my "crate" and have no problems sleeping in it at night in Helen & Kevin's bedroom and during the day it is moved to their lounge room which has great views over the green fields and gum trees. I want to thank you for training me so well, because I have not messed up inside, and outside I have heaps of places to do my "stuff". I even let them know when I need to go out as I stand at the door.

I met some of K & H's neighbours yesterday and they seemed most impressed with me. One of them smelt like a horse because he had just been riding his own horse! They all made a big fuss over me and it was hard not to jump-up & mouth them, but K & H don't like me doing that. I like getting a treat when I behave and I "sit" very well now!

Well it's breakfast time, so will say "Woof-Woof" for now, and thanks again for caring for me so well.

Woof & all my Love


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  • Lucky Quiglie -fallen on his paws with you!

    Posted by Ali, 12/09/2014 12:50pm (4 years ago)

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