Quin learns to shake hands

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 8 February 2013 | 3 Comments


Just wanted to let you know how Quin is coming along.  She has settled in beautifully and is well and truly part of the family.  We live by a lake and we take her down there where she has so much fun running in and out of the water and digging then rolling around in the sand.


Tracey you were right when you said she just wants to please.  She wags her tail that hard that its actually her whole rear end that wags. Our son Taine has taught her to shake hands and she thinks she's pretty cool doing that.

One of our other boys brings his dog around and they immediately become best of friends. So much so that when Jake tries to go home Quin wants to go to and plants herself on the seat in the car next to Coby.  We have to bribe her to get her out.

Quin is a lovely little girl and we couldn't imagine not having her.


Kerrie Buist

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  • That is a great story about Quin. She is a very lucky girl as she has found the perfect home.

    Posted by Mary, 12/02/2013 6:54pm (6 years ago)

  • So happy to hear about Quin. An excellent homing.

    Posted by Ali, 09/02/2013 8:09pm (6 years ago)

  • Was Quinn known by a different name at the kennel?

    Posted by Kat, 09/02/2013 3:02pm (6 years ago)

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