Quinn loves his tummy rubs

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 17 December 2013 | 5 Comments


My fiancé and I had just moved into our brand new house and both coming from living with our parents and their dogs it felt so quiet just the 2 of us and we really missed having a little heartbeat in the house.


We have always wanted to get a dog of our own when the time was right and about 3 months ago we visited the Dogs Refuge just to have a look as neither of us had been to a dog shelter before. However while we were there we fell in love with Quinn (now called Billy). We had a meet with him and then decided to go home to have a think. However that night neither of us could sleep all we could think about was his little face so the next day I went back to the refuge to adopt him!

It is the best decision we have ever made, he is such a beautiful part of our family. As soon as we got him home he was so loving and gentle, it didn’t take him long at all to settle in and he wasn’t shy about asking us for a tummy rub!


We take him to the park twice a day to socialize with other dogs and he loves going for a swim in the river. We find ourselves incorporating him into our life as much as we can, he is our little shadow and we love him so much, he comes everywhere with us. We can’t imagine life without him, we feel so blessed to have in him in our life and he makes our family feel complete!

Thank you to all the volunteers at the dogs refuge for everything you do for these dogs, you are true angels!



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  • Awwww love that pic of him cuddling the teddy bear! Lucky boy :)

    Posted by Kat, 27/12/2013 8:41pm (5 years ago)

  • Lucky Billy, he looks very happy in his photos.

    Posted by Ali, 25/12/2013 4:52pm (5 years ago)

  • Billy has such a lovely smile.
    Thank you for rescuing him. =)

    Posted by Johnson, 23/12/2013 8:42pm (5 years ago)

  • Beautiful story!!

    Posted by doggy lover, 23/12/2013 12:53am (5 years ago)

  • What a heartwarming story,I'm so glad it was you two that adopted thes beautiful dog,you sound the perfect people for him,and he looks so happy.thank you.💝💝

    Posted by Dot , 21/12/2013 6:16pm (5 years ago)

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