Red soaks up the northern sun

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 27 August 2010 | 2 Comments


Red is adorable.  He was about 8 months when we got him, according to our vet, and he is wonderful. He particularly loves Cable Beach and surrounding beaches with rocks to climb and other dogs to greet, and is quite fond of the Saturday markets in Broome.  He made the trip on the plane safely and was most unconcerned about being in the plane cage when he arrived.  

Red having a cuddle

Since then he has had many play-dates with other energetic youngsters, including a 1 year old Labrador girl, and Tom, a heeler-mixed boy.  He is very good with other dogs and has now learnt sit, stay, drop, and to chase the chickens less and less - now it is only if they try to go for his icypole - a marrow bone that is cold/frozen and savoured in the Broome dry season in the backyard. 

Red chews flat out and his favourite objects were shoes and toilet rolls, but not those on the actual holder, but has now worked out that kongs with peanut butter and chew toys are better, which we prefer!  After the first week he has learnt to sit, stay and drop and is now trying not to jump on people, although when you're very excited it is very hard to show restraint when you are such a happy boy.

Out camping

He has been to visit a cattle station, been to watch soccer and volleyball, gone for a swim in the Fitzroy River (a tributary with no crocs there)  and loves to travel.  He sleeps after about one minute in the car.  He is a person-magnet - everyone loves Red (but not as much as we do) and he has several dog-sitting venues lined up for if we are away for a night or two, at his house or theirs.

And the very best thing - he is a great cat chaser which is good protection for the chooks, lizards and frogs.

Thank you so much to everyone at the Refuge Home, especially Nathan- it's the best way to find a new best mate!  Red is keeping us fit and he is so easy to live with. Even our vet said we did very well getting a dog like Red.

Long live Red!

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  • Hi,
    I think we have his sister. See

    Posted by Paul Swanson, 16/09/2010 11:15am (8 years ago)

  • I think you were so fortunate in adopting such a beautiful dog, but then again, I love red heelers.
    You have given this boy a fabulous life. So many adventures and so much love.
    Good on you both!

    Posted by Jackie Varischetti, 03/09/2010 12:20am (8 years ago)

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