Riggs & Bob have two proud parents

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 20 June 2014 | 2 Comments


We adopted Riggs (formerly Moodle) last August & added Bob (formerly Nitro) to our little gang 3 weeks ago.  I thought we'd just let you know that everything is going better than we'd ever hoped with the new kid.

They're equally playful, soppy, even tempered and neither are possessive of food or toys so Bob has proved to be a dream fit.  We had a couple of days of having to hand feed him as he was still scared of his food bowl with his cone on.  But now he's free of the cone he's eating like a champ & has put on a little bit of weight already. 

Just like Riggs, he's all about the love so training is super easy as he's so eager to please.  He's picking up better manners & new tricks every day and his recall is fantastic so he's having a blast making new friends at the park & beach.  They are already inseparable and they're so much fun that we are increasingly abandoning our spots on the sofa in favour of rolling round on the floor with them - suckers.  

So anyway, the point of these boring proud parent stories is this; you guys do an amazing job and it is your love & dedication that allowed our two goofballs to keep their lovely natures intact through scary & uncertain times.  We are so grateful for these guys and so proud of the joy they bring to every single person who meets them and none of it would be possible without the fresh start that you guys provided them with. 

Thanks to everyone at Shenton Park & keep being awesome

Charlie & Sean Merry

(love from Riggs & Bob too)

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  • What a gorgeous story! And I LOVE the photos, they look like two peas in a pod. Thank you for sharing :)

    Posted by Sian, 02/07/2014 11:06pm (4 years ago)

  • Thank you for your sharing! =)
    Riggs was so nice at the refuge... =)

    Posted by Johnson, 25/06/2014 7:39pm (4 years ago)

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