Rio now goes hiking in Norway

Posted by Karen Rhodes on 8 June 2009 | 3 Comments


Hello Everyone. Rio is a Border Collie Belgian Shepherd cross who was adopted from Shenton Park in the end of July 2003. He had been there for over 7 months and nobody had shown any interest in him. That is, until I came along.

Rio in Norway

We stayed in Perth for 2.5 years after his adoption and spent hours at the beach, horseriding, playing in the dog park and hiking around Perth. He also spent a whole summer in Tassie as a sheep dog while I was away in my home country, Norway. As you may understand, this is a dog with lots of energy!

After finishing my veterinary studies at Murdoch University, Rio moved back to Norway with me. He is now approximately 7.5 years old and still going strong. Norway is nice and cool, so there is no need for shaving in the summer time. He still loves going to the beach and having a nice cool bath. In winter time we go skiing in the snow which he absolutely loves.

First time he saw snow he did not understand what it was, and I had to convince him to take a step outside on the nice soft white layer outside the door. It was so cold he did not know what leg to stand on which made the whole walking business very funny and cute.

We still go hiking quite a bit in the Norwegian mountains, and he comes along once in a while for grouse hunting. He is not very social with other dogs but will tolerate his brother, a Gordon Setter named Lord, and my fathers two English Setters. He also has to deal with the two cats Cesar and Masi.

Rio is very much loved, and I want to thank you for looking after and caring for him at Shenton Park while he was there. Second chances are so important and the work you do for these dogs really matters!

Thank you :)

Lots of love from Inger Helene and Rio

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  • thankyou for sharing this wonderful story... you have given him an amazing second chance. :-)

    Posted by jen, 17/09/2012 3:35pm (6 years ago)

  • That is very very cool in more ways than one!!

    Posted by Julie, 18/02/2011 1:40pm (8 years ago)

  • Rio is a very lucky dog to have found such great owners who took him into their home but especially their hearts and who treat him as part of the family . There should be more people like you.

    Posted by Pam Van Effrink, 13/07/2009 4:54pm (9 years ago)

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