River starts to enjoy the great outdoors

Posted by Nerilie Watson on 13 November 2011 | 2 Comments


I would like to say thank you to both Tracy and Meg, who steered us to Rivers, we have added an s.  After a period, when she was not sure what she could do, where she allowed to go.  A period of, when we lifted our hands, or shifted our feet, didn’t mean getting hit, she settled.  Now I have a shadow – about a nose half a step behind me.

River in her safe place

Rivers now has a good two hour walk a day, on the beach, in the bush.  But the most wonderful thing is she is part of the family. If I am sad she is next to me, if I am on the computer too long she soon tells me,if the grand children are around she just follows them around to make sure they are fine.  All I can say is she is welcome family member.  Just remember each time you have truck pass you she will bark.  This little lady has found her home. 

When our new granddaughter was born I had the other four children for a couple of days.  Their ages range from 7 to 2 years, so Rivers got a lot of extra food and cuddles and when she had had enough she went into her bed in the lounge room and ignored the children.  I am so grateful that she gets on with children.  We still have a couple of issues with Rivers – mainly she hates loud noises such high winds, planes taking off, thunder etc.  But she is slowly learning that they will not hurt her.

River finally moves outside

I have enclosed two photos for you. The one where she is covered up was taken on Monday when we had high winds. Rivers refused to go outside and also would not eat, just laid in her bed all day. There was no way I could get her outside. In the end I put the lead on her to take her out the back so she could go to the toilet, which I hated doing for I feel the lead is for a walk and good times. The next day was a different story, eat me out of house and home. The other photo was taken today. Finally she has realized that she can go outside and just lay under a tree whilst my husband and I work around.

Here is a young lady who has slowly learnt to trust us and is feeling really comfortable.  Even to the point when I go out on Monday and Wednesday evenings for a couple of hours, when I return home I get the ‘you left me, and I’m not talking to you’ attitude.

Again thank both Meg and Tracy for all their help and I will try and get down to Shenton Park and bring Rivers down for a visit.

Marie and Peter and let us not forget Rivers

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  • You people have to be congratulated on the magnificent job you have done in letting this dog know that you will love and care for him.
    Rivers has his own home and family and he is safe. THANK YOU.
    Thanks guys!

    Posted by Jackie, 16/11/2011 7:17pm (7 years ago)

  • It is a wonderful feeling when you have gained the dogs trust.

    Posted by Janet, 13/11/2011 7:49pm (7 years ago)

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